Guardians 3000 #1

Guardians 3000 1I found the first issue of Guardians 3000 in my pulls, and thought, ‘why not, I’ll give it chance.’  I was told it was just the original cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  And it was written by Dan Abnett, so it seemed like it was worth a chance.  Sure, it is the fourth Guardians book on the market (Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon, Legendary Star-Lord), but so long as the books are entertaining, I do not really care.  However, I did not find this book entertaining at all.  In short, I won’t be continuing to buy this fourth Guardians book.

This was a big, dumb, action issue.  Now, that is not an insult I often throw out there, because I do believe that there are times when you need to have a big action issue.  If you are building to a war, then you need to have an issue with the war.  But this is not the climax of a grand build up.  This is the first issue.  This is the issue that is supposed to introduce new readers to the characters.  In the first issue, you need to show who these characters are:  their motivations, their personalities, a taste of their history.  This had none of that.  In place of personality, you had made up words and sayings, because it is the future, or something.  That is fine if you want to do that for the one character you want to make the token sassy one.  However, when everyone does it, then it is no longer personality that you are showing.  Instead, it is just common vernacular.  You want to make future words?  Fine, but you then cannot also ignore personality. 

While this book was devoid of personality, it was not devoid of death.  Spoiler alert, Everyone dies.  Yes, everyone.  And when it happened, I just did not care.  I did not care because I had not gotten to know the characters, because it is the first issue and they all lack personality.  But in the end, all is well. They are not actually dead.  You know that Tom Cruise movie that came out over the Summer, Edge of Tomorrow?  Yeah, that happened.  Everybody dies, and then we are taken back to 30 minutes ago.  Flashbacks are nothing new in comics.  Show the action, and then go back and show how you got there.  Well, in this instance, a human the Guardians rescued, Geena Drake, realizes that they had gone through all of this already.  The issue ends with Geena picking up a gun and fighting back, because she knows that the first time they went through this, they tried to run away and ended up dead.

On the bright side, the Gerardo Sandoval’s art was alright.  It successfully conveyed all of the action going on with the issue.  At no point did I ever feel like I had missed some detail as I went from one panel to the next.

In closing, I am definitely going to save my $3.99, and not continue to purchase this book.  If you know these characters and are familiar with them, then you may like this.  However, I believe that a #1 issue should not require you to be familiar with the characters, and this is not the first time I have had this complaint with a #1 issue from Marvel (Invincible Iron Man).


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