Weekly Viewings

Welcome to this week’s installment of Weekly Viewings.  We’re now up to four shows, with a fifth to be added when Constantine premieres on Oct. 24.  It’s not looking good for The Walking Dead to be added anytime soon.  Maybe I can work in a few episodes each week during the midseason break and catch up.  But we’ll see.  Anyways, here is what we have this week.  Of course there are spoilers after the break.

Gotham “The Balloonman,” in which we have a balloon using vigilante.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D “Making Friends and Influencing People,” in which we learn what Simmons has been up to.
Arrow “The Calm,” in which a new person is trying to use Vertigo to establish themselves.
The Flash “City of Heroes,” in which Barry Allen becomes the Flash, and takes on the Weather Wizard.

Gotham BalloonmanGotham “The Balloonman.”  Jim Gordon is still investigating the Wayne murder.  To assist him, he has signed for custody of Selina Kyle.  She proves that she was at the scene, by pointing Gordon to where the wallet she stole is located.  Unfortunately, it was in a sewer, and she escapes while Gordon is down there.  A vigilante nicknamed The Balloonman is going around handcuffing people to weather balloons, and letting them float away.  Gordon doesn’t get any traction on investigating the first occurrence, because it was someone that had swindled people out of all their money through a ponzi scheme.  However, the second victim was a dirty cop, so then Bullock is finally interested in investigating.  They first find the guy who stole the weather balloons, but he couldn’t be the killer.  When the cop falls back to Earth, they find something that has Gordon’s name on it in his possession.  It’s the form he had signed to take custody of Selina.  While defending himself, the cop had pulled it from the Balloonman after knocking him to the ground.  Gordon and Bullock find the guy, and take him in.  He tells Jim that with the state of the city, there will be more like him.

Oswald Cobblepot gets a job at a restaurant washing dishes.  It’s a place frequented by the Maroni family.  He’s already getting himself on good terms with Sal Maroni.  The episode ends with Oswald showing up at Gordon’s home.  Fish Mooney has Carmine’s girlfriend killed, and suggests to him that the Maroni family may have done it.  Renee Montoya tries to convince Barbara Kean again that Gordon is not a good man, and tries to kiss Barbara.  They once had a thing.

Agents of shield making friends and influencing peopleAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D “Making Friends and Influencing People.”  I have watched enough seasons of Dexter to know to never take the teases for next week’s episode at face value.  So when they showed Simmons as a Hydra agent and Coulson confronting her, I knew there was something else going on.  So, the episode opens with Simmons going through her morning and going to her new job as a lab tech for Hydra.  After that day, she gets home, and Coulson is there.  He fixes dinner, and debriefs Simmons. Simmons learns that Hydra is searching for a guy with “ice” powers named Donnie Gill.  She knows him because he used to be a SHIELD scientist that worked in the Sandbox.  Gill escaped when Hydra took it over.  Coulson sends Melinda May, Skye, and Hunter to find Gill before Hydra does.  Fitz and Mac continue bonding, but Fitz learns that Ward is in a cell in the building.  Fitz confronts him, and nearly asphyxiates him, because that is what Ward did to Fitz.  Fitz lets slip that they are going after Gill.  Ward reveals that Hydra had already gotten to Gill once and are only trying to reactivate him.  Hydra takes Simmons with them to bring Gill in because they know each other, and are feeding the lines to say to her.  Before he’s activated, SHIELD shows up and keeps Simmons from inadvertently activating him.  Unfortunately, as they run away, the Hydra leader, Sunil Bakshi, finishes the job.  He tells Gill to freeze the entire boat they’re on, killing the SHIELD agents.  Before Gill can, Skye shoots him, and he falls off the side of the boat.

There’s also a bit where Coulson tries to recruit Agent 33, but couldn’t find her.  She had already been captured by Hydra, and was going through Dr. Whitehall’s brain-washing program to make her compliant.  Bakshi speaks to Dr. Whitehall about possibly making Simmons “compliant.”

Arrow the calmArrow “The Calm.”  In flashbacks, Oliver keeps trying to escape from Amanda Waller in Hong Kong, but keeps getting captured again.  After this last time, Oliver wakes up in someone’s home.  It’s a guy that brought him back in, and he reveals that Waller has threatened his family if Oliver escapes again.  In the present, there’s a new Vertigo running around who wants to take control of the city.  He’s modified the drug to make people see their worst fears.  (Yes, like Scarecrow.) Oliver has a run in with one of Vertigo’s men, and doesn’t have a problem taking him down.  Afterwards, he meets Felicity for a date.  However, Vertigo knows that Arrow is somewhere in the restaurant, and hits it with an RPG.  It turns out that the henchman placed a tracker on Arrow’s jacket.  Arrow learns who the boss is, tracks him down, but gets injected with the drug.  It turns out that his worst fear is Oliver Queen.  Later on, Vertigo tries to blow up an arena to get rid of 3 rivals, but the plan is foiled when Roy takes out the bomb, and Sara shows up to help take out the bad guys.

Ray Palmer, played by Brandon Routh, shows up and makes a great sales pitch for taking over Queen Consolidated, likely beating Oliver’s bid to regain the company.  Detective Lance is now Captain Lance, and he has announced that they are disbanding the task force for tracking down Arrow.  Oh, and (Spoiler alert) Sara died.  Someone shot her with 3 arrows, and she fell off a building.  Before getting shot, she asked the person what they were doing there, and the voice had definitely been modified.  I suspect that the killer is Thea Queen.  Remember that she went off with Merlyn at the end of last season.  Thankfully, I only knew that someone was going to die at the end of this episode, but not who.  A little word of caution to the readers.  When you don’t tell someone that a character dies, and instead you tell them there’s a shocking ending, you are in fact telling them that someone dies.

Flash City of HeroesThe Flash “City of Heroes.”  We get a little bit of background for those people that didn’t see his appearance in Arrow.  When Barry Allen was 11, his dad was convicted for the murder of his mother.  Barry saw yellow lightning and a man in it, but no one believes him.  In the present, he had gone to the STAR Labs presentation for their atom smasher thingy, but left when he tried to stop someone from stealing Iris West’s (just his friend) laptop.  He returns to his little forensic lab, and then the STAR Labs accident happen.  He gets struck by lightning, and is in a coma for 9 months.  He wakes up in STAR Labs.  Well, what’s left of it.  Led by Dr. Harrison Wells, and his assistants Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon.  At first, Barry thinks he’s fine and leaves, but then weird things start happening to him, and he returns.  A guy who can control the weather is robbing banks.  This person, Clyde Mardon, was thought to be dead, after Det. Joe West saw his plane go down in the lightning storm at the beginning.  In his first encounter with Mardon (Weather Wizard), Barry is unprepared, and fails to do anything as Mardon escapes in fog as cars crash.  At the end, Flash, with the help of Cisco, Caitlin and Harrison, is able to counteract a tornado that Mardon creates.  Det. West sees everything, and starts to believe what Barry has said along about his father being innocent.

Now let’s talk about the very end.  Based on a casting announcement I saw, I thought I knew how the episode was going to end.  Boy was I wrong.  And if you’re a DC fan like me, it was awesome.  So, Harrison is in a wheel chair, because of the accident at STAR Labs.  He also, at first, discouraged Barry from trying to be a hero.  So, he goes into a secret area, gets out of his wheelchair, and activates a device.  This device shows a newspaper from April 28, 2024, and has the headline “Flash Missing: Vanishes in Crisis.”  The idea that the show might be building to a Crisis on Infinite Earths inspired story fills me with excitement.


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