Weekly Viewings

Yeah, it’s been a few weeks since I have done a Weekly Viewings.  Just haven’t watched a lot of TV recently.  But like I promised in the first entry, I’ll update with whatever I have watched each week.  Here’s what I watched this week.

Gotham “Arkham,” in which the Maroni and Falcone families compete for the rights to Arkham.
The Flash “Fastest Man Alive,” where Barry has to battle his doubts, and a guy who can clone himself.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Face My Enemy,” in which Coulson and May infiltrate a party to steal a painting.
Arrow “Sara,” where the team tries to deal with the events of the previous episode and track down an arrow shooting assassin.
Gotham “Viper,” in which a new drug is killing everyone that takes it.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “A Hen in the Wolf House,” in which Simmons’ double agent status is put into peril.

Gotham titleGotham “Arkham.”  Oswald Cobblepot shows up at Jim Gordon’s place, much to Gordon’s chagrin.  Cobblepot offers to help Gordon to save Gotham in the upcoming war.  In a parking lot late at night, an unidentified man kills Councilman Jenkins and his bodyguard.  Gordon and Bullock are given the homicide case to investigate.  They bring in someone named Joker red herring…I mean Micky who is the “crown prince of mugging,” but he doesn’t know anything.  The mayor is promoting a plan made by the Wayne’s for rebuilding Arkham Asylum and affordable housing around it.  Gordon visits Alfred and Bruce to talk about it.  Alfred tells him that since their death, the plan has become Falcone’s plan, and there’s an opposing plan that Maroni is backing.  Councilman Jenkins was in support of the Falcone/Wayne plan.  The same unidentified man as earlier burns another Councilman alive.  However, this Councilman was in Maroni’s corner.  Gordon thinks that Maroni and Falcone are behind each of the murders.  Nigma suggests that all the victims were punctured with a metal spike, which leads them to the belief that the same person is behind this.  Gordon and Bullock visit someone in prison, who tells them the hitman’s name is Gladwell.  They go to his work, but Gladwell is able to escape.  Three men robbed Maroni’s restaurant, and made off with most of the money.  When Maroni’s men got there, they found Cobblepot hiding in a fridge with a bag of money that he saved.  Maroni believes that Falcone did this, and promises revenge.  Maroni promotes Cobblepot to restaurant manager to thank him.  Bullock finds that the hitman had actually killed Gladwell, and taken his identity.  Bullock asks Fish Mooney for help, and promises that he’ll owe her a favor.  Cobblepot calls Gordon, and again offers him help.  He tells Gordon that Maroni has put a hit on one of Falcone’s men.  Gordon gets a list of the police on protection duty, and determines that the mayor is the next target.  Gordon gets to the mayor’s residence to find that the police detail is gone.  Gladwell shows up as they are trying to leave.  Bullock arrives in time to save Gordon, and they both end up shooting Gladwell.  Barbara demands that Jim tell her who Oswald Cobblepot is, but Jim refuses.  Barbara walks out on him.  Fish Mooney has been interviewing new singers, and has the two finalists fight for the spot.  A compromised Arkham plan gets passed, where Maroni gets to build a waste treatment plant and renovate the asylum, and Falcone gets to build the low-income housing.  Bruce is not happy that his parents’ plans have fallen into the hands of criminals.  Cobblepot is revealed to have been the mastermind behind the restaurant robbery when he visits the three men.  He brings them food, but it’s poisoned.

the-flash-tv-seriesThe Flash “Fastest Man Alive.”  The villain of the week is Danton Black, also referred to as Multiplex.  He has the ability to create copies of himself.  Think of Jamie Madrox, only here, all of the copies are controlled by the original.  He first robs a gun store.  Det. West believes it was one guy that robbed the bank because that is what the footage shows, but Barry determines that it was six guys because there are 6 tracks of footprints and 6 guns were stolen.  Later on, Barry goes to a presentation for Simon Stagg with Iris.  There, these 6 people show up again to rob everyone.  Barry saves a security guard, but he’s unable to chase down Multiplex, because he ends up passing out.  The STAR labs crew determines that he isn’t eating enough, and Cisco develops a high calorie bar for him.  Detective West visits STAR Labs, and gets into an argument with Barry about how he shouldn’t be trying to play hero.  He tells Harrison that he hopes they learn what they don’t know quickly before someone gets hurt.  Black meets with Stagg’s head of security, Java, and demands more access to him.  Java declines because if his employer is killed in his bedroom, it would hurt his reputation.  Black separates into 5 people and kills Java.  Iris is mad at Barry for standing her up when he was supposed to assist her with an article she was writing.  West is interviewing Stagg, and asks him about a former employee named Danton Black.  Stagg brushes it off.  Right then, Black shows up and his multiples shoot at them.  Barry gets word of it and rushes to Stagg industries.  The Flash saves West, but is unable to take down Black, and has to run away.  Back at STAR Labs, the team learns that Black was studying cloning for Stagg Industries.  Barry begins to doubt himself and leaves, despite Harrison trying to encourage him.  Harrison has a talk with West, and tells him that Barry’s weakness is doubt, and if West keeps doubting him, Barry will fail. Iris tells Barry that she has a new topic:  investigating the red blur that has been saving people.  Barry’s called back to STAR Labs, because the Caitlin Snow was able to grow a replicate Danton Black.  They discover the clone will only act if given instructions.  It starts to move, and West shoots it.  They speculate that it has received instructions to go to Stagg Industries, and as the original tries to control more, he will show signs of fatigue.  West tells Barry to go stop Black.   During the fight, it’s revealed that Black was trying to grow new organs for his wife , when Stagg stole the research.  Barry is able to find the real Black.  During the fight, Black charges at Barry, and ends up falling through a window.  Barry tries to save him, but Danton fights free to fall to his “death.”  Back in Barry’s lab, West promises to help Barry find out who killed his mother.  Harrison visits Stagg, and Stagg expresses his desire to control the man in the red mask’s speed.  Harrison tells Stagg that that man will someday be called the Flash.  He then stands up, and tells Stagg that that man must be kept safe as he stabs Stagg.

So of course the big question moving forward with this show is who exactly is Harrison Wells.  Clearly, he’s someone either from the future, or has at least visited the future.  It seems like the speculation right now is that he may be the Reverse Flash.  I’m going to throw out a crazy idea.  What if he’s Rip Hunter?  Time traveler trying to protect the future?  It’s not that far from the character.  I will admit that this show may be falling into a formula.  Bad guy is revealed, Flash has a failed encounter with him, questions what he’s doing, figure things out, and stop the villain.  But saying that, most shows have a formula.  Law & Order lasted 20 years and several spin-offs with each episode following the exact same formula.  So long as they don’t forget to develop the characters.  Also, having a surprise with Harrison at the end of the episode the first two weeks is fine, but at some point you’re going to run out of possible surprises.

agents-of-shield-title-treatmentAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Face My Enemy.”  A church in Miami burned down, and the only thing that survived was a painting.  On the back of this painting were markings like the one Coulson has been carving.  Hunter and Skye steal a clearance key from a man named Soto’s assistant.  Skye uses it to get Coulson and May into an exclusive party that is for the rebuilding of the church, and has the painting.  They do a dance to scope out the security of the place.  During the dance, they spot General Talbot.  Coulson talks to Talbot, who promises not to interfere, unless he feels like he has to.  Coulson and May change their plans because of Talbot, and decide to go for the painting now.  May flirts heavily with Soto, and tells Coulson to get a picture of them.  He does, in order to get scans of Soto’s eyes.  They come up on some laser grid, and May decides to walk through them because they already know they’re there.  They don’t find the painting, because Talbot took control of it earlier that day.  Talbot is on the phone with the leader of Hydra, and tells him that he has the painting and that SHIELD is there.  When Coulson and Fake May try to escape, Talbot finds them.  Talbot offers Coulson a chance to look at the markings, but only in a secure government location.  Coulson agrees to it, and they leave to form their plan.  May breaks into Talbot’s hotel room and finds two Hydra agents, with one of them posing as Talbot.  They subdue May, and the female one takes her place using a technology that will match May’s face and voice.  Fake May calls Coulson, and tells him that she is on her way to get him.  Fake May arrives at the airplane and gets Coulson to come with her.  As she leaves, she puts some device on a control panel.  The plane starts shutting down.  Fitz notices that there is SHIELD tech on a console, and it’s going to explode.  As they get to the hotel room, Coulson tricks Fake May into revealing herself, and punches her.  In the room, the real May gets free.  Coulson tracks down the man with the painting as May fights fake May.  Fitz takes Hunter with him to help fix the plane, because he’s unable to use his hands well.  Everything gets fixed on the plane, and Coulson and May escape with the painting.  Hunter brings a beer for everyone to celebrate their victory and convinces Fitz to hang around and have one.  Fitz opens up about his past.  Coulson tells Talbot about the events.  Coulson tells May that the painting is 500 years old, but the carvings are new.  So there is someone else out there that is doing that as well.  Coulson tells May that if he becomes like Garrett, she has to kill him.  Raina is confronted by Whitehall, leader of Hydra.  He threatens her, and demands that she bring him the obelisk in 48 hours.

Last season, I thought the great weakness of the show was that it didn’t really dive into any of the characters.  You were expected to like Coulson because of his appearances in the Marvel movies.  You were expected to like the team because they were with Coulson.  As last season went on, things got a little better.  With this episode, I thought that they did a good job using the split in what the team was doing to show some characterization.  A different side of May was shown as she was with Coulson, and back at base, you had a chance to dig a little deeper into the new characters during the teams “bonding.”  Now, if they can just keep it up.

Arrow_title_cardArrow “Sara.”  Oliver, Roy, and Felicity go back to their base to find Laurel with a dead Sara lying on the table.  Oliver promises Laurel that he will find who did this.  He also tries to call Thea, but doesn’t get a response.  At the scene where Sara was shot, Oliver doesn’t find much, but Diggle meets up with him and offers his help.  Det. Lance calls Arrow, and tells him that someone else is killing people with arrows.  This time it was some businessman.  We then see someone completely covered in a disguise shoot down with and arrow someone that was running  through a construction site.  Back at the Arrowcave, Felicity and Roy look over Sara and and her things.  Oliver and Diggle return and find out about the latest killing.  Oliver asks Diggle to get access to the ARGUS database.  Felicity catches Roy logging into her computers, trying to look for Thea.  He has a note that’s from Thea that Felicity says he should show to Oliver.  Felicity gets a message, and storms off to Queen Consolidated.  She yells at Ray Palmer, who in an attempt to hire her, bought the retail tech chain that she was working at.  Arrow finds someone that may have witnessed the latest murder.  He gives that information to Diggle at ARGUS, and they find that it is an assassin named Komodo.  Through cell phones, Arrow tracks him down.  During the confrontation, Arrow gets shot, and Komodo gets away.  Laurel visits the latest target, and forces the guy to tell her what the connection is.  He is saying that they were working on an oil pipeline deal, when he is shot through the window.  Roy shows Oliver the letter, and Oliver is accepting of it. Laurel takes the info she gathered back to the Arrowcave.  They determine that the next target is a guy named Tom Wetson, and he will be at a fundraiser being thrown by Ray Palmer.  At the event, Ray pledges half of his net worth will go to rebuilding the city.  Komodo busts through a window, but Roy and Arrow are there to stop him.  Arrow follows him to a lower floor.  He’s able to trap Komodo.  Laurel shows up and points a gun at him.  Komodo denies killing Sara.  Laurel tries to shoot him anyways, but finds that there aren’t any bullets in the gun.  They have to leave before Arrow can get Komodo to tell him who hired him.  Back at the Arrowcave, Oliver tells Laurel that Komodo’s alibi holds up, and that he didn’t kill Sara.  Laurel starts to tell her father that Sara has been killed, but doesn’t go through with it.  The group buries Sara.  Felicity toes to Ray and agrees to work for him.  In Corto Maltese, we see Malcolm Merlyn applaud someone with kendo sticks kick two other people’s asses.  Turns out that that someone was Thea Queen.  In Hong Kong, Oliver has been ordered by Amanda Waller to kill Tommy Merlyn.  He’s told that he has to kill Tommy because he’s there looking for Oliver, since him logging into in his e-mail.  Oliver, in a mask, kidnaps Tommy, and tells him that the hacking of the e-mail was a trick to lure someone to Hong Kong.  At that time, “Hong Kong police,” or Oliver’s captor, shows up to save Tommy.

It should go without saying, but there was a lot of grieving for Sara, that I didn’t include in the recap.  Like most deaths, this had the characters questioning their own lives.  You had Oliver admitting that he doesn’t want to die alone in the Arrowcave (my own use), and Felicity not wanting to be just down there, waiting for things to end.  With the reveal of Malcolm and Thea being in Corto Maltese, I know question who shot Sara.  I was certain they were going to reveal that it was Thea.  (If this question has already been answered, don’t spoil it.)

Gotham titleGotham “Viper.”  Bruce is trying to understand how Gotham truly works.  Maroni wants to rob a casino run by Falcone to get back at him.  On some street, a man leaves a vial of a green substance in a musician’s case.  The musician breathes in the substance, and gains immense strength.  Selina Kyle tries to pickpocket someone, but Gordon spots her and alerts the man.  She runs off, and they hear an alarm.  Bullock tries to get Jim to ignore it because they are on lunch.  The go into a convenient store that the musician robbed.  He carried off the ATM with his bare hands.  Gordon and Bullock show Sarah Essen footage of the guy removing the ATM.  They did get the vial from the person’s case.  Falcone tells his people to not worry about the Arkham deal.  They didn’t lose, and Maroni didn’t win.  Gordon and Bullock track down the musician, and find milk cartons everywhere and that he’s suffering from withdraw.  They anger him, and he picks up the ATM machine, but it ends up breaking his bones and crushing him.  The person who gave him the drug is walking down the street, handing it out to everyone.  The next morning, police HQ is in chaos because of everyone taking the drug, “Viper.”  Nigma tells them that the drug converts the calcium from bones into energy.  Maroni is discussing the casino heist, when Cobblepot interrupts them.  He says that he knows a janitor at the casino that can get them.  Oswald goes on to reveal his real name and previous employer.  Maroni slams his head into the table.  Gordon and Bullock investigates a lab called Wellzine, which is a Wayne subsidiary.  A rep comes in and says that the person making the drug is a former employee named Sam.  One of Maroni’s men meets up with Gordon and tells him that he will send Cobblepot to Falcone if he doesn’t come with them.  They take him to Maroni, who tells him to tell him the same story Cobblepot told him.  Gordon goes through the story, and this pleases Maroni.  Maroni lets him leave, and promises to keep this secret, but will call him if he needs him.  Gordon and Bullock visit one of Stan’s old college professors.  The professor says that Stan was developing biological weapons.  The first batch called Viper had some side effects.  The second batch worked and was called Venom.  Stan went over their heads to Thomas and Martha Wayne, and the program was shut down.  After their death, the program was started back up again.  The professor ends up being in on it, as this is part of a plan to take down Wellzyn and Wayne Enterprises.  He takes the Viper drug, and attacks Gordon and Bullock.  As he’s dying, he cryptically reveals that Stan is taking the drug to a charity event held by Wayne Enterprises.  Stan is planning on pumping Viper into the air vents.  Bruce attends the event, but is disappointed that no board members are at the event.  Stan hacks into the video system, and tells everyone who he is and what he has done.  Gordon confronts Stan on the roof.  He shoots the device pumping in Viper, and it sprays it all into Stan.  Stan tells them to look at Warehouse 39 and jumps off the building.  They get to the Warehouse, but find nothing.  After the events, Alfred joins Bruce in his investigation into Wayne Enterprises. Maroni successfully robs Falcone’s casino with Cobblepot’s plan.  Fish Mooney and Nikoli, a Falcone general are having an affair and plan on taking down Falcone.  The girl Fish Mooney has been training all episode crosses paths with Falcone, and draws his attention.

agents-of-shield-title-treatmentAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “A Hen in the Wolf House.”  There’s a toast at a wedding that has a lot of Naval servicemen. When they drank the champagne, their mouths turned blue, and they died.  Skye keeps trying to get answers from Coulson, but he denies everything.  May warns him about keeping her in the dark.  Raina meets with Skye’s father to ask for his help with Dr. Whitehall.  He refuses to help her.  Simmons and her supervisor are called into a meeting with Whitehall.  He discusses the test run they had with testing the effects of the obelisk.  Whitehall calls on Simmons about what went wrong, and Simmons replies that they’d need to actually have the obelisk before they could recreate the effects.  Fitz is admitting to himself that the Simmons he’s been talking to is a figment of his imagination.  Skye takes the painting, but still can’t figure out what the markings mean.  Hunter suggests Skye talk to Ward to see what Coulson is hiding.  Skye asks Ward what he knows about the markings.  Raina happens across Simmons checking in with SHIELD.  Skye goes to Coulson, letting him know that she knows he’s the source of the markings she’s been investigating.  Coulson tells Skye that they had been monitoring her for anything the markings may have triggered.  Coulson suspects that Skye hasn’t shown any reactions like him or Garrett.  He suspects the substance was already in her system.  An alarm goes off at Hydra, where they have found that they have a mole in their midst.  They question Simmons, but find the contraband materials in her partner’s desk.  They drag him away.  Coulson meets Raina at a restaurant.  Coulson wants the obelisk, but Raina reveals that she knows Simmons is in Hydra as a double agent.  Raina says she’ll delete the evidence she has if she can take Skye with her.  Raina says she is going to take her to meet her dad.  Coulson refuses Raina’s plan.  May stops Skye from going out there.  Every Hydra employee now has a picture of Simmons with the flex paper used to transmit messages to S.H.I.E.L.D.  Simmons runs from the Hydra guards when she comes up on the woman that was with Bashir.  Turns out, she’s with S.H.I.E.L.D.  She tells Simmons that Coulson has a plan.  Coulson finds out that Skye’s father has the obelisk, and Whitehall is threatening.  Hunter shoots Raina with something, and they reveal that they’re going to use her as bait for Whitehall.  The SHIELD agent reveals that her name is Bobbi Morse, and together they escape the building thanks to Tripp and a cloaked Quinjet.  While, Hunter, Coulson, and May decide what to do next, Skye goes by herself to meet her father.  When Skye gets there, he’s already gone.  May finds the two men who were meeting with him earlier, but they’re both dead.  Simmons arrives back at HQ, and is reunited with Fitz.  It’s also revealed that the she-devil ex-wife that Hunter has been talking about is Bobbi.  Coulson shows Skye the full board he has carved, and she thinks that it’s a map.  Skye’s father visits Whitehall, and brings him the obelisk, as he calls it, The Diviner.  He promises to teach Whitehall how to survive it.  He’s doing this to kill Coulson.

I’m a little indifferent about the whole deal that it’s Skye’s father.  Sure, he knows about the obelisk, or The Diviner, but that mystery could be solved by creating any other character.  We all know that her father is a terrible person.  And I’m certain there’s a reason for it that will be revealed.  But when the enevitable confrontation between Skye and her father happens, there is no drama to it, as there’s no question about what she should do  She has no real attachment to him.


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