Month: January 2015

Transformers the Movie Part 2: The Sacking of Autobot City

When we last left our film, Optimus Prime had sent four out-of-print Autobots on a fuel run and they got massacred by Decepticons.  It was pretty depressing for everyone.

If you’re just joining us, the G1 cartoon has jumped forward two decades and the Decepticons are now in control of Cybertron with the Autobots formulating an invasion on two “secret” bases on the planet’s moons.  Secret gets quotation marks because the Decepticons are completely aware of their existence, yet for some reason don’t wipe them out, even though they have managed to conquer the planet.  The Autobots, however, have expanded their Earth operation from one ship wedged into a volcano into an entire Autobot City, which is what we’ll be dealing with in this chapter.

We open just outside of the city with two brand new characters – young upstart Autobot Hot Rod and his little human buddy Daniel, who is the son of Spike and his lady love Carly, whom true fans of G1 will know.  However, she – along with Spike’s father Spark Plug and the wheelchair bound Chip no longer will be appearing.  Try to get over your anguish.

Hot Rod and Daniel are spending the day fishing, though Daniel is all bummed out because he’s missing his father who as you will recall is stationed up on Moon Base 2.  Hot Rod assures Daniel that Spike will be back soon, even though Spike said earlier that he wouldn’t be home until Megatron’s tail was kicked across the galaxy.  Unfortunately, that message didn’t get to Daniel, since it’s messenger sort of got his head blown off.  No mouth, no message.