Amusing Ad Placement

The following is taken from Justice League United #7.  Yes, I know it came out a while ago.  Yes, I’m really, really behind in my reading.  Anyways, a little background.  Ultra is a kid alien that was created by combining the DNA of several alien races, hoping to create a supreme being, or something.  It’s the first story arc, read it.  Anyways, the villain Byth has taken Ultra, and use him to rule the universe.  The Legion has come back in time to kill Byth because of what happens in the future.  The JLU likes Ultra, and wants to save him.  Green Arrow brings up the possibility that they should at least discuss what they’re going to do if they can’t save Ultra.

JLU 8 Stargirl

Of course, no one on the team raises their hand.  However, the first thing I saw after reading this panel was this ad on the next page.

JLU 8 NBA ad

That’s right, Carmelo Anthony is in favoring of killing bio-engineered, alien kids who may or may not destroy the universe.


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