New year, new stuff

Happy 2016 everybody!

It has been a while since Comicdom Wrecks! has seen any kind of steady content output as life, work, family and other obligations have limited the amount of time we have had to talk jive about comic books.

That and we’re admittedly kind of lazy.

But J.R. and I have been feeling the itch of blog-posting and we’ve agreed that it’s time to dust off the old writer’s caps and get back to what we love to do, and hopefully you are still willing to hang around and enjoy.

But there’s more than just the same old thing coming for Comicdom Wrecks!.  While true, we are first and foremost comic junkies, the truth is that focusing solely on just comics is limiting the scope of what we want to talk about.  Comics are great, yes, but there’s so much more to nerd out about in the world of pop culture.  TV, video games, movies, books – if it’s out there and on our minds, we’ll share.

So bear with us as we get moving again.  Me, I haven’t had a regular thing going since I ran out of Chuck Austen stuff to make fun of.  But I’ve got something in the works for you, and it has to do with this old image.


Stay tuned.


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