Super Bowl thoughts

As you may know, there was a pretty big football game this past Sunday.  One could even say that it was…super.  In this game, the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers.  I am a Cincinnati Bengals fan, but Denver for the longest time has been my #2 team.  This is all thanks to a little game for the NES called John Elway’s Quarterback.  I cannot even guess as to how much of my early childhood was spent with this game.  But, I loved football, and this was the only football game I had.  It was before Madden, and I did not have Tecmo Bowl.

So, I have liked Denver for a while, but lately there was another factor that contributed it.  That little factor is a guy named Peyton Manning.  I live in Indiana, and around these parts, Manning is still seen by many as a bit of a deity.  The man put the lowly Colts on their shoulders, and had a run of success that the team had never seen before in the city of Indianapolis.  So, it was very nice seeing Manning win the Super Bowl, in what may very well be his final game.

I do not wish to comment on the game itself, because really it was a defensive struggle, which translates to many into boring.  Instead, I want to comment on something that happened after the game.  As you may have heard, Cam Newton is a classless poor sport that needs to grow up and act like a professional.  Last night, after losing the biggest game of his life, in a game in which nothing went right for him, Cam Newton gave a very brief post-game press conference, while wearing a hoodie.  Too many, this confirmed what they had thought about him.  Confirmed all of their worst assumptions.  To all that, I say balderdash. 

Personally, I think post-game press conferences by the losing players is one of the dumbest things in sports.  You’ve got people who have just had their dreams crushed, and you have a bunch of stupid reports asking how it feels.  Nothing good comes out of those things.  And besides, Cam should have been upset and disappointed.  He just lost the biggest game of his career.  I would be more concerned if Cam did not feel bad after the loss.  If he was not sad and disappointed.  Being emotional about something shows that you care greatly about it.  And isn’t that what fans want from players?  To care about when they win and lose?  I have seen too many people complain because players were laughing and smiling when they lose.

And do not give me this excuse about professionalism.  He did the press conference 20 minutes after the game.  At that point, you are still processing that it is all over.  All the work you put in for months, and you came up short.  Now, you have a group of people asking silly questions.  And he answered those silly questions.  Were they the answers reporters wanted?  No, but that’s not his problem.  In his shoes, I probably would have done the same thing.  It is a pointless exercise in futility.

  • I had a small gathering of people, so I did not really watch many of the commercials.  However, Puppy Monkey Baby is the stuff of nightmares.
  • I was still preparing food, so I did not catch the Captain America: Civil War trailer.  I did see the TMNT trailer.  My hopes for this movie is dumb, but fun action.  I still may have a few drinks before seeing it with friends.
  • The halftime show was a recent Super Bowl halftime show.  Coldplay was Coldplay, Beyonce was Beyonce, and Bruno Mars was Bruno Mars.  The dance off between Beyonce’s crew and Bruno’s crew was kind of fun.  And there was apparently some other controversy with Beyonce’s performance, but this is not really the place to discuss that.

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