Deadpool Review

Deadpool-Movie-PosterAt long last, the Deadpool movie has been released to the masses.  Before I get going with this review, if you happen to be a parent and have stumbled upon this review wondering if you should take your kid to see this movie, the answer is hell no.  This movie is rated R for a pretty good reason.  The PG-13 version that a petition was asking for thankfully did not get made.  So, because other Marvel movies are fine for kids, do not think  this one is.  Your kid may be scarred.  Or may not be.  What do I know?  I am not a parent.  I have a cat.  If your kid has already seen things like Kick Ass, then this will probably be fine for them.  I would probably not keep my cat from watching it, and she is almost 2.

But I digress.  So yeah, Ryan Reynolds finally got his Deadpool movie made and released.  Going into it, I was a bit worried.  Yes, I like the character, but how much exposure to the character would I find enjoyable, and would it reach the point where the Deadpool’s shtick went from hilarious to tiresome?  Would it be like most things I watch with Will Ferrel in them?  Where, if he’s a supporting character or in an SNL skit I find him funny, or would it be like one of his starring roles, where I am just completely tired of him by the end of it? 

Right at the start, the tone is set for the movie.  The opening credits are the first joke.  Where you would normally see the people that made the movie, you get various phrases, like “Directed by An Overpaid Tool” and “Produced by Total Asshats.”  If you do not find the opening credits humorous, then you should probably just go ahead and leave.  You are probably not going to find the rest of this movie entertaining.

The movie gets right to the action, and it is a good decision to start with the action and tell the origin through a series of flashbacks.  If we are being honest, origin stories are generally boring.  No one wants to watch how Tony Stark becomes Iron Man, they want to watch Iron Man fly around and do stuff.  So, starting off with Deadpool taking on a car full of bad guys right at the start is a smart move.  You quickly introduce the character to people who may not be familiar with him, and you get the audience interested right away.  The Deadpool portions are generally more entertaining than the Wade Wilson sections.  Not to say that there is no comedy in the Wade Wilson portions, like a hilarious and disturbing holiday montage, there is just less.  But, that less is needed.  Before having a chance to get tired of what Deadpool is doing, things slow down, you take a breather, go for smaller one-liners, and then jump back into the brashness that is Deadpool. The pacing the flashbacks provide really works well in this movie.  Plus, they are an easy way to have Deadpool break the 4th wall.

The 4th wall is a term used to describe the barrier between the characters in the story and the audience.  When a character is said to be breaking the 4th wall, they are communicating with the audience.  For instance, Deadpool here is well aware that he is in a movie.  There are jokes about what it took to get him his own movie.  Jokes about other movies.  So, the flashbacks happen because he himself is trying to catch the audience up on what is going on.

The story is a bit cliche, but that may be the intention.  Bad thing happens to someone, they look for a way to fix it and more bad things happen.  In the course of events to fix things, they are forced to become a hero…of sorts.  It is a pretty standard formula for superhero movies, but most stories are based on some formulaic story.  It is up to the minor details and the people in that story to make it entertaining.

Ryan Reynolds is fantastic as Deadpool.  It would have been very sad had he worked so hard to get the movie made, and then been terrible.  It was a wise decision to have Deadpool and Wade Wilson sound different, because the personalities portrayed are different.  When the mask is off, things are more serious, more dramatic.  When the mask is on, then you get the full bit of smartassery.  I was also happy with Colossus in the movie.  He is my favorite Marvel character, and it was nice to see him have a decent sized role, be Russian, and be a lecturing do-gooder.

In the end, the wife and I really enjoyed the movie.  It was pretty much exactly what I wanted from a Deadpool movie.  It was funny, crude, action packed, and all around irreverent.  I suggest that you go see this movie.  When you do, there are a couple things at the very end of the credits, so you will want to wait until you are certain that there is nothing left to show.



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