Legion of Collectors March 2016 unboxing

I have been a subscriber to Loot Crate for almost a year, and mostly enjoy it.  When I saw that Funko was putting together a bi-monthly box containing all stuff related to DC Comics, I couldn’t pass it up.  The first box came out this month, probably to correspond with the upcoming release of Batman vs. Superman.  I will be showing you the items that were in the box, and giving my perceived value.  That’s not to be confused with retail value.  I have no doubt that if you add up the retail value that it would surpass what I paid for it.  However, that doesn’t mean that I’d be willing to pay retail value for these items.  I also don’t care about stuff like exclusivity.  Thoughts and pictures after the break.


The first item is a Batman vs. Superman shirt, in the style of the old time fight promo posters.  Personal value is $18.  I really like this shirt.  It’s an interesting mash-up of ideas.


The next item is a Pop Heroes Armored Batman figure.  Personal value $12.  That is essentially retail, which I’ve seen between $10 and $12 dollars, and I think that’s a fair price for these things.  The pop figures are something I’m slowly starting to build up a collection of.  They’re nice little figures.


Next, we have a 2-pack of Superman and Aquaman Dorbz figures.  Personal value $5.  Sure, they’re cute little figures, but I highly doubt I would want to pay whatever full price is for these figures.


The next items are a Wonder Woman patch and a Superman pin.  Personal value $1 each.  They’re neat little items, and if I saw them at a con for a dollar, I might consider buying them.


Lastly, there is an issue of Superman Batman #5.  Personal value $0.  I assume this is a variant, but I don’t feel like looking it up.  It has no value to me because I already own the issue.  It’s weird to give this issue away, as it’s near the end of a pretty confusing story.  Not really the type of issue you send someone to try to entice them to start buying.

Overall, I’m pleased with the box, and its personal value of $37.  I will be keeping this subscription.


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