52 10th Anniversary celebration – Lost in Space

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the DC weekly series 52.  The celebration started Monday with the release of episode 1 of the Podicus Wrecks podcast.  During which, I spend 50 minutes discussing the stories within 52 and some thoughts on the series.  The rest of the week, I will be posting more detailed recaps of each of these stories.  On Tuesday, I recapped The Rise and Fall of Black Adam. Yestday’s story was The Science Squad and World War 3. Today’s story is Lost in Space.  DC Wikia calls it Mystery in Space, but I think I like Lost in Space more.

52 week 9During the events of Infinite Crisis, a large group of heroes were sent into space.  Alan Grant, Hawkgirl and some others were trapped in a zeta beam.  Alan says that there’s not a sign of Adam Strange, Animal Man, and Starfire, and they are presumed dead.  Mal Duncan has merged with the voice box of Red Tornado, and it warns that 52 is coming.

It turns out that Adam Strange, Animal Man and Starfire are stranded on a planet somewhere in outer space. They are captured by Devilance the Pursuer, but pretty easily escape from him.  They take his lance to use as a power source.  He makes it sound to them like someone doesn’t like that they may have seen something in the universe and have put a bounty on their heads. 

They also come across Lobo, who actually saves them from Devilance, who was pursuing them.  After some interesting negotiations between Starfire and Lobo, she reports back that Lobo has turned to religion, and actually needs their help.  They then find out that Lobo is serving as the Archbishop of the church of the Triplefold Fish God on a planet full of alien refugees. Starfire uses the Emerald Eye of Ekron to save some refugees from a swarm of parasites.  Lobo lets them know that they need to leave now, because using the eye just sent a signal to the Head of Ekron.

52 week 20The Head of Ekron catches up to them, but Starfire realizes something is off.  It turns out that the head was the vehicle of a Green Lantern, and Lobo took its main weapon.  After this had happened, something called the Stygian Passover destroyed their sector.  After a few weeks, the group comes across the Lady Styx, after she has taken over another planet and eaten a couple Green Lantern rings.

After following Lady Styx’s war machine for a while, Adam Strange and Lobo come up with a plan.  Lobo admits that Styx is the one that put the bounty on them, and if he delivers them, then they can infiltrate her armada.  They are able to trick Lady Styx and send her on the Head of Ekron into a swarm of Sun Eaters.  But during the fight with Lady Styx, Animal Man is shot with a necro toxin and dies. Lobo administers the last rites, and Strange and Starfire continue towards Earth. However, Animal Man was not actually dead.  He wakes up to find two aliens standing over him.

Adam Strange and Starfire run into a bounty hunter named Molek, and he damages their ship.  As they are about to crash into a sun, they crash into a planet that appeared out fo nowhere.  This planet was the Green Lantern Mogo. Green Lantern named Opto309V returned them to the planet Rann, and from there, Starfire was able to acquire transportation back to Earth.

The aliens had Animal Man in some type of device, but re-insert him where they found him.  He panics, knowing that he won’t be able to hold onto the space dolphin’s power for long.  He stretches his power as far as he can, and takes on the abilities of a sun eater.  With the powers of a sun eater, Animal Man is able to teleport himself back home.

This story is probably my least favorite of the series.  That doesn’t necessarily make it bad, as there are many great stories, and someone has to be the low one.  It’s entertaining.  It just doesn’t really go anywhere.  You get some character building with a blind Adam Strange and Starfire, but nothing that I felt was substantial.  You get some fun Lobo moments, and Triple fold fish god is really fun to say out loud.  Go ahead, try it.  I’ll wait…..

See, Isn’t that fun?  It’s just with so many of the characters in this series, you could call this one of the best stories they have.  I doubt that applies to any of the characters in this bit.  There is just a lot of convenient circumstances.  The heroes are trapped on a planet with a broken ship?  Well, there just happens to be a villain with a weapon that they can use to power that ship.  Oh, they’re still in trouble and losing power?  Well, we’ll just have Lobo show up.  Unsure of who has a bounty on their head?  Well, Lobo knows.  How are they going to defeat this big bad?  Well, with the thing that has conveniently been following them because Lobo has a part of it.  You get the idea.

And I know that sometimes you just have to take a leap in a story, but it should feel like a character has worked toward the resolution.  Has earned the resolution, rather than just having it handed to them.

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