Some DC movie news

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The Hollywood Reporter is…reporting that a Harley Quinn spinoff is already in the works, even though Suicide Squad hasn’t been released yet.  But the bigger news of the piece is  that it won’t be a Harley Quinn solo movie.  The plan is to have the movie feature other female heroes and villains.  Apparently, Margot Robbie liked DC’s females so much as she was doing research on Harley Quinn that she brought in a writer to help her pitch the idea to Warner Bros.

While I can’t comment on whether or not I want to see more of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, I do like the idea.  The first thought I had was, they should make this a Gotham City Sirens type movie.  Gotham City Sirens was a series written by Paul Dini many years ago that featured Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy.  They were anti-heroes in that series, but if you want to keep them as villains in this movie, then bring in the Birds of Prey.  I would be interested in that movie.

The Hollywood Reporter is also reporting that there has been a shake-up of executive roles at Warner Bros. in regards to their movies.  Instead of all executives overseeing all movies, each person will be responsible to a specific genre/franchise.  In connection with this, DC Entertainment films has been spun off into it’s own separate entity named DC Films.  It’s being described as a “course correction” after Batman v Superman’s reception.  DC Films will be led by Jon Berg and Geoff Johns.  Berg will be the executive supervising everything, while Johns will be in charge of the creative vision.

This is something that Warner Bros. should have done a very long time ago.  DC’s movies needed a singular focus.  An equivalent to Kevin Feige at Marvel. I feel like Geoff Johns is a good choice for this.  I have long enjoyed his work.  Hopefully, this is something they will stick with.



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