The Darkseid War Act 1

With the release of Justice League #50, The Darkseid War has ended.  Having not read most of it, and hearing that it does lead into DC Universe Rebirth #1, I figured I might as well read it now, and recap it as I go.  With the occasional snarky comment.  This covers Justice League 40-45, the prologue and act one.  I should have Act 2 and Act 3 up by the end of the weekend.  Enjoy.

Metron is sitting in his Mobius chair, doing the whole narrator thing.  He talks about some things he’s observed in the past, because observing is his thing.  Those include the truce between Apokolips and New Genesis, where Highfather and Darkseid each trade a son of theirs to the other, Scott and Orion respectively.  Metron has also observed each of the time altering crises.  Because of the frequency of the crises, the universe is losing it’s cohesion.

Justice League 40 GrailAfter the latest crisis, Flashpoint, the universe has still not yet solidified.  Metron meets with the Anti-Monitor, who he names as Mobius, on the Crime Syndicate planet that he has destroyed (remember Forever Evil).  Metron pleads with Mobius to not continue this course of action, because reality can’t handle it.  Mobius says that he needs a war with Darkseid, because his death is the key to it all.  All being the death of the New Gods and beginning the age of the Anti-God. Metron is attacked from behind by Darkseid’s daughter. 

A grown up Scott Free, also known as Mister Miracle has broken into Darkseid’s throne room to try to discover what Darkseid is after.  Darkseid finds him, but Scott is able to escape with the use of his Mother Box.  Kanto and Lashina, one of Darkseid’s assassins and Furies, are tracking down women named Myrina Black, and killing them.  The Justice League, minus Superman and Lex Luthor, are investigating the first of the murders.  Cyborg is able to tell, on a delay, when a boom tube opens.  As they are investigating and learning about more murders of Myrina Black, Darkseid’s daughter comes out of a portal that was opened up inside The Flash’s mouth.  She’s able to take out the Justice League, taking the power of Jessica Cruz (who is using the power ring from the Crime Syndicate Green Lantern) because she needs shadows.  At the end of this fight, Mobius arrives.

Justice League 41 Mobius arrives

Superman and Lex Luthor were walking through Luthor’s facilities, where he is trying to cure Neutron so that Luthor may learn who sent him to kill him.  Superman challenges Luthor to actually cure Neutron, when they get an emergency call from the League.  Superman gets indignant about Luthor’s suit powered by Kryptonite, as he is one to do.  This angers Luthor, because that’s what he does.  During this, Luthor’s sister shoots him.  She commands a Mother Box that she has to send them to their doom, for Darkseid. Scott finds himself teleported to where Kanto and Lashina were.  They fight, but Scott is able to get coordinates off of their Mother Box, and jump away.  He finds himself in front of the Myrina Black that they were searching for.  She says she has a plan to kill Darkseid.

Superman and Luthor find themselves on Apokolips.  Darkseid orders that the slave pens be emptied, offering freedom to any slave that kills Superman.  They won’t be able to, but Darkseid wants to show Superman that there is no hope here.  Myrina Black explains to Scot that she used to be an assassin for the Amazons.  She’s known that Darkseid would one day try to enslave the people of Earth.  So, first thing she did was have his daughter, Grail.  Because of course the first thing you do when trying to defeat an evil god is to have their child.  But anyways, Black send Grail out to find a being powerful enough to defeat Darkseid.  It just so happens that that being is Mobius, the Anti-Monitor.  Scot says she’s crazy for wanting to bring a war here.  They then fight, and Scot Boom Tubes out of there.

Justice League 42 Bat-godGrail and Mobius attempt to finish off the Justice League, but Metron comes in and pulls them through a Boom Tube to the Rock of Eternity, because they cannot reach them there.  Metron tries to tell them that there is no stopping this war, and they should just leave.  Wonder Woman uses the lasso on Metron to try to learn how they defeat the Anti-Monitor, but Metron doesn’t actually know.  Green Lantern points out that the chair is what actually has the information.  Here, Metron tells them that they’d have to remove him from the chair.  So, they do.  Batman jumps onto the chair before it can leave, and gets the knowledge of a god.

Batman accesses the knowledge of “his” chair, and catches everyone up on who is who. The Justice League are very concerned that Batman is calling the Mobius chair his chair.  Scott Free shows up, and they all form a plan.  Batman and Green Lantern are going to explore the Multiverse in hopes of finding a way to get rid of the Anti-Monitor, because the chair doesn’t exactly know who or what he is.  The rest will return to the Anti-Monitor and Grail to try to slow them down.

Justice League 43 SupermanGrail has done a ritual, and this summons Darkseid and his army to this location as well.  On Apokolips, Superman finds that he’s losing his powers because there is no sun.  Luthor drops him into the fire pits, knowing that they are solar energy.  This backfires as it fills Superman with power and anger towards Luthor.

Batman and Green Lantern end up on the planet Qward, in the anti-matter universe.  Batman learns the Anti-Monitors name of Mobius, that he built his chair here, and that he saw something in the depths of Qward and it cursed him.  Superman, with his newfound power from Apokolips, threatens Luthor.  Meanwhile, back on Earth, EVERYBODY FIGHTS!!!!  BIG FIGHT SCENES!!!!!  They fight and fight and fight, until Darkseid has had enough.  He summons the Black Racer.  (He’s like death and stuff.)  However, this was all part of Mobius’ plan.  He slows down The Flash, and causes the Black Racer to merge with the Flash so that Mobius may control death.  The Black Racer Flash runs through Darkseid, killing him.  Mobius reveals that the anti-life equation lives in his veins.Justice League 44 Black Racer Darkseid

So, Darkseid is now dead.  That’s bound to be a bid deal.  Especially with that being what the Anti-Monitor wanted.  Superman is powered up and pissed off, and is trapped with the constant thorn in his side.  I’m liking it so far, let’s see how Act 2 plays out.


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