The Darkseid War Act 2

Justice League 45 coverWelcome to Act 2 of the Darkseid War.  If you’re reading this, then I assume you know what happens in Act 1.  If not, go back and read it.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…Ready.  So, of course there are going to be spoilers, as this is a recap more than a review.

So, we pick up where we left off.  Batman is sitting on the Mobius chair getting knowledge and stuff.  Superman and Lex Luthor are stuck on Apokolips, and Superman has gotten lots of angry Apokolips energy.  And what else?  Oh yeah, Darkseid is dead.  Finished.  Kaput.  Pushing daisies.  So that’s where we are entering Act 2. 

After the death of Darkseid, the Anti-Monitor and his forces left the battle field.  Our merry band of heroes are talking about what just happened, when they realize that Flash is still all black and death-like.  Black Racer Flash is talking about how being the God of Death isn’t a bad thing, because death is a necessary part of life.  As he continues to monologue, The Flash’s voice starts to come through.  Flash is not at all happy about what is going on, and runs off.  About that time, Shazam (labeled the God of Gods) starts to hear many different voices doubting his ability, and flies off.  The group starts to split up when they are confronted by the rest of Darkseid’s generals.

Darkseid bloody omega symbolBatman (God of Knowledge) tells Green Lantern that there’s no point for them to remain there, because Darkseid is dead.  Green Lantern flies to Oa, because it’s suggested that the Parademons, now leaderless, may be drawn to the brightest light.  Superman (God of Strength) tells Luthor that their rivalry is over, and he’s just going to leave him there.  Superman rips off Luthor’s armor and flies away.  Luthor is found by a group called the Forgotten People, and their leader Ardora.  They have a prophecy that on the day Darkseid dies, a human from Metropolis, blah blah blah.  The prophecy blatantly describes Superman, but Luthor says that the description fits him.  They put Luthor in a machine that will contain Darkseid’s Omega Effect as it returns to Apokolips.  If Luthor truly is the correct person, he’ll survive.  Well, the beam hits and Luthor survives, calling hiself the God of Apokolips.

These are just quick summaries about each of the specials.  (Note:  I seem to not actually have the Batman one, so I’m summing up a DC Wikia article I read.

  • Batman goes back to Gotham, but ends up not getting revenge on Joe Chill.  Instead, he makes Chill be afraid of what would happen if the criminals of Gotham knew he was responsible for creating Batman.
  • The Flash tries to outrun Death, but eventually the Black Racer makes the Flash understand that death is a sad but necessary thing.  It is better to be wielded by someone that respects death, rather than someone that wants more death.
  • Green Lantern gets to Oa, where the parademons and a Mother Box have taken over.  The Mother Box merged with the central power battery, and was trying to find a volunteer to be a god.  Hal volunteers, becomes the God of Light, undoes everything that just happened, and destroys the Mother Box, giving up the power.  A real nice moment if you think about what happened in Zero Hour.
  • Superman returns to Earth and is a pretty big jerk.  After saving the day just to prove that some alien’s weapon wasn’t strong enough, Superman knows Jimmy Olsen is right, something is wrong, and he flies off to seek out help.
  • Shazam meets the new Gods that are giving him powers, and is able to take down Darkseid’s father, who tried to hijack the power.
  • Lex Luthor learns to accept help from others, which allows himself to be fully open to the Omega Effect.  And oh yeah, he’s got a loyal army of parademons now.

Darkseid war big bardaThe non-god Justice League continue to fight Darkseid’s generals.  Things are not going well for Mister Miracle, but Big Barda, his wife, shows up to save him.  The generals end up retreating.  Wonder Woman comes up with the plan that they should speak with Ultraman and Superwoman to see if they knew what the Anti-Monitor was after when he attacked their world.  Cyborg, Power Ring, Mister Miracle and Big Barda take this mission, since Mister Miracle is good at breaking into things, and they’ll have to break into Belle Reeve prison to do this.  Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are having an emotional moment, until angry Superman shows back up.  Finally, the anti-life equation is pulled from the Anti-Monitor, and is Grail’s to control with the thought that death is too good for Darkseid.  Thus making her the Goddess of Anti-Life.

So, yeah, this was a bit of a transition between the fight between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, and whatever comes next.  But the specials did have a lot of characterization with the heroes and their new powers as gods.  I didn’t go into great detail, but I encourage you to read them as you read through Darkseid war.  Which you should do, and not only rely on recaps.  The writing so far has been pretty good.  Join us next time as we wrap things up.

Darkseid war grail anti-life


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