Month: August 2016

Suicide Squad review

Suicide_Squad_(film)_PosterI’ll be honest.  My first draft of this opening was far more combative than what you’re going to read now.  And had I published this article shortly after seeing the movie last Sunday, you would have seen that first draft.  I was prepared to come out, guns blazing, shooting down decently reviewed movies that I didn’t believe were all that better than Suicide Squad.  But as the days passed, I decided that that wasn’t the type of article that I wanted to publish.  So, you’ll see none of it.  Instead, I’ll stick with my thoughts on Suicide Squad.

In short, I enjoyed the movie.  Yes, I do believe it has some pacing issues.  And there are some rough transitions cutting between present day scenes and flashbacks, and also going from action to exposition.  But the characters really make this movie. So, let’s jump right into it.  Spoilers after the break.

Suicide Squad is the story of several villains being coerced into doing the government’s dirty work.  And I think with that first detail is where some misplaced expectations began.  Suicide Squad isn’t immensely known outside of comic readers, but that’s not that big of deal.  There have been unknown properties succeed fairly recently.  Unfortunately, I feel people tried to lump Suicide Squad in with those other movies, that I’ll leave nameless.  I have faith that you can figure out which two movies I’m talking about.  But there’s a major difference.  Those characters, deep down, are actually good guys.  Sure, they may be a band of lovable losers or make nothing but crude jokes, but they are in fact good guys trying to take down bad guys.  Here we have a group of undeniably bad guys trying to take out other bad guys.  There isn’t really anything current that you can compare it to.  Maybe The Expendables, if all of them were horrible people.



New Doctor Strange trailer

Apparently, this came out a couple weeks ago, but I just saw it while watching the Olympics last night.  I’m going to be honest, I’m still having some trouble getting hyped for this movie.  I don’t think I have superhero fatigue, but rather origin story fatigue.  They all really end up being the same basic movie, just with different characters.  I’d much rather see the established hero take care of business, so I’m not asking at the end how a character that just started training is able to take out this major threat.  Or asking, don’t these heroes have any villains that are really different from them? But I may just be grumpy right now.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition review

Batman_v_Superman_posterWhen the wife and I initially saw the movie in theaters, we both enjoyed yet.  Yes, I understood problems people had with the movie, but they were not problems for me.  Due to some life issues, I was delayed in writing a review for that version of the film, and when they announced the Ultimate Edition, I just decided to wait for it.  So, I bought the Ultimate Edition on blu-ray, and watched it with a friend that had not seen it in theaters.

As we’re watching the movie, every now and then I’d point out some scenes that weren’t in the theatrical release.  And as we got further along in the movie, these “extra” scenes actually started to upset me.  I wasn’t upset that I was watching an even longer version of this movie with unnecessary fluff scenes added back in.  No, I was upset because these were scenes that had no business being cut out of the movie in the first place.

These scenes would have greatly helped the story to those that complained that the story didn’t make sense.  Well, in this extra 30 minutes, the story does make sense.  There are entire sub-plots that are vital to leading us to the point where Batman and Superman would be fighting.  Spoilers after the break. (more…)

Podicus Wrecks #10 – Over-exposure to your interests

In this episode, I discuss my thoughts on Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition, Netflix’s Jessica Jones, and Star Trek Beyond.  I then discuss the perils of getting too immersed in every detail and rumor related to your interests.