Month: November 2016

Podicus Wrecks #17 – Warcraft movie discussion

In this episode, we discuss our thoughts on the Warcraft movie.  We also talk briefly about the Cars 3 trailer, and why we found it interesting.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them review

fantastic-beasts-movie-posterFirst off, let’s all get one thing straight.  This is not a new Harry Potter movie.  I’m hesitant to even say this is a new movie in the world of Harry Potter.  No character that was in any of the Harry Potter movies actually appears in this movie.  There is a brief mention of a teacher at Hogwarts named Albus Dumbledore, but that’s it.  This movie is set 70 years before Harry Potter, in the same world that the Harry Potter movies exist.

It may seem like I’m splitting hairs with that description, but I feel like it’s an important distinction to make. Establishing expectations could be the difference between enjoying this movie and not enjoying it.  I think that if you go in expecting another “Harry Potter” movie, then you may be disappointed. If you go in expecting to see witches and wizards and magic, and magical beings that you’ve seen before, then you will likely enjoy this movie.  (more…)

Wonder Woman trailer

I guess you could say my feelings toward this movie currently are a high level of cautious optimism.  I like that they’re going with a World War 1 movie.  I liked what little we saw of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman.  My worst fear is that Warner Bros. is learning all of the wrong lessons from the critical failures of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.  The movie doesn’t have to have more jokes.  It needs to tell a coherant story.  Don’t leave story details on the editing room floor.  So hopefully, this movie will do well and be enjoyable.

Beauty and the Beast trailer

The original Disney movie is one of my all-time favorite movies.  It is one of the earliest movies that I can remember seeing in theaters.  I remember what theater.  I even remember where about we were sitting in the theater. Since this live action version was announced, I’ve actually managed to hold my enthusiasm in check.  And after seeing this trailer, I’m still holding it in check.  Don’t get me wrong, the trailer looks fine and I’m certain the movie is going to be good, but it just doesn’t have me excited.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Maybe it’s nothing more than fear of tarnishing childhood memories.  Maybe I prefer the cartoonish feel more to the gothic look of the movie.  Possibly related, many months ago I saw the stage play for Beauty and the Beast, and while I did enjoy it mostly, I left a little disappointed.

Thoughts on Cave Carson #1

cave-carson-1Cave Carson may have a cybernetic eye, but there isn’t really an explanation on why he has a cybernetic eye.  Or how he got that cybernetic eye.  Or much of anything useful regarding the eye, other than it appears that the eye is malfunctioning.  But, he definitely has a cybernetic eye.

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye is the third title released under DC Comics’ Young Animal imprint. Cave Carson is being written by Jonathan Rivera and Gerard Way (Young Animal’s curator), with art by Michael Avon Oeming.

The story starts with Cave and his daughter Chloe mourning the death of Eileen Carson (wife/mother). How she died isn’t really touched upon, though the profile page mentions that she got sick.  The issue is fairly light on details.  We know the family used to do something as the Mole Team. And it seems that this team has greatly expanded, as there was a whole team of people training in a cave for the EBX company.  (more…)

Logan trailer

I don’t exactly know why I’m looking forward to this movie as much as I am, but I’m really looking forward to it.  Maybe it’s the thought that we may get something that passes for an actual ending to the story of Wolverine.  Or at least Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.  With Days of Future Past, timelines have gotten a little jumbled, but I don’t really care what timeline we’re in, or even how we got here.  There are reports things may get rebooted anyways.  So, I really hope we get a nice end to Jackman’s Wolverine.  It really is amazing how many appearances he has made as Wolverine.  When they inevitably try to find someone younger to play Wolverine for the next however many movies, it is going to be difficult to replace Hugh Jackman.