Thoughts on Cave Carson #1

cave-carson-1Cave Carson may have a cybernetic eye, but there isn’t really an explanation on why he has a cybernetic eye.  Or how he got that cybernetic eye.  Or much of anything useful regarding the eye, other than it appears that the eye is malfunctioning.  But, he definitely has a cybernetic eye.

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye is the third title released under DC Comics’ Young Animal imprint. Cave Carson is being written by Jonathan Rivera and Gerard Way (Young Animal’s curator), with art by Michael Avon Oeming.

The story starts with Cave and his daughter Chloe mourning the death of Eileen Carson (wife/mother). How she died isn’t really touched upon, though the profile page mentions that she got sick.  The issue is fairly light on details.  We know the family used to do something as the Mole Team. And it seems that this team has greatly expanded, as there was a whole team of people training in a cave for the EBX company. 

Cave visits Doc Magnus, and his Metal Men, to see if he can solve what’s going on with his eye.  Magnus gives him some magnet thing to wear.  While wearing it, he’s visit by some old man who Cave doesn’t know personally, but is familiar with his people.  A monster bursts out of this man, and Cave kills it.  He seems to blame EBX, but it’s really unclear why exactly.  Then he calls up Wild Dog.

Yes, the Wild Dog that’s been introduced in Arrow. So, it seems like a very odd choice to throw a character that you just introduced in your mainline television shows into a quirky imprint book.  But, DC has never really tried to coordinate what’s happening in their movies or shows with what’s going on with the comics.  When The Dark Knight came out, Bruce Wayne was missing and Dick Grayson was Batman.

While I will give the second issue a look, I’m not that big on this issue.  It doesn’t feel like a number one issue.  It feels like it’s the follow-up issue to the death of his wife.  It feels like we’re being expected to know the history of Cave Carson.  We’re supposed to know who he is and why he has a cybernetic eye.  But this is the first issue of a series.  We shouldn’t have to know anything to be able to read this.

I did like the writing in the issue, which may sound contradictory to previous statements, but it’s not.  The actual script, the words coming from the characters, was engaging.  I liked the personality and character shown in the writing.  In fact, it’s why I’m willing to give issue #2 a try.  I just wish there had been a little more context for the story details.  And the art style is one that I do like.  It is more of a cartoon-ish style.  Not overly complicated, with clean and simple designs, and expressive characters.  For me, it’s a style that really works with this type of story.

While this isn’t exactly what I want in a #1 issue, I think Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye does enough to get me somewhat interested to see what is in store for the rest of the story.  Maybe this will turn into the type of quirky story that I love, and am really sad when it gets cancelled in 8 months.


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