Wonder Woman trailer

I guess you could say my feelings toward this movie currently are a high level of cautious optimism.  I like that they’re going with a World War 1 movie.  I liked what little we saw of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman.  My worst fear is that Warner Bros. is learning all of the wrong lessons from the critical failures of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.  The movie doesn’t have to have more jokes.  It needs to tell a coherant story.  Don’t leave story details on the editing room floor.  So hopefully, this movie will do well and be enjoyable.


One comment

  1. More jokes, you say? But Deadpool made boatloads of ca$h! Obviously, doing what it did in EVERY OTHER MOVIE despite the theme not matching is the way to make similar dollaz! It’s like in wrestling! nWo worked, right? SO DO IT AGAIN EVERYWHERE! Got a wedding in the ring? WHOOPS, here comes Scott Hall from the crowd!


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