Superhero poses

There are certain poses you find repeated in comics.  From time to time, I will highlight some of them, and mention what I like and/or dislike about them.  This is going to be a comparison through the years of a pose, as that would take a lot of time and effort.

This first one is from Batgirl #4, written by Hope Larson and art by Rafael Albuquerque.


First, there is the pose itself.  I find it to be a fairly graceful pose.  It is not a speed or power pose with an outstretched body that you often find with Superman or Batman.  It is not an acrobatic pose like you often find with Nightwing, where the legs are at odd angles to show how agile and acrobatic he is.  This is pose showing Batgirl gracefully flying through the air.  She is not falling or gliding.  She is flying/swinging with a purpose.

Next, there’s the angle of the view.  By making it so that the reader’s perspective is below Batgirl, she appears as a goddess soaring above us.  If the perspective was from above Batgirl, this pose would not look nearly as majestic as it does.  Viewing her from above would make her seem like someone below us.  Someone we can look down on, because we the reader be literally looking down on her.  Instead, we are looking up, seeing her in the skies like we do with the other great heroes.

Then there is also the kids in the window.  They are side characters we can identify with.  The look of awe and adoration are evident on their faces.  They do not care that this is not Superman or Batman.  Instead, they are in awe of Batgirl.  They are in awe of seeing this hero before them.

This is why I really liked this page.  Yes, upon closer inspection, the placement of the rope does not make a lot of sense.  How does it go from being between her and her cape and then behind her cape.  But whatever.  Just enjoy the page.


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