Podicus Wrecks #51 – The Start of Young Justice

In this week’s episode, we’re discussing the early days of Peter David’s and Todd Nauck’s Young Justice series.  Anthony had never read any of it, so we sat him down and forced him to.  Well, not forced him to.  More like gave him the opportunity to experience the greatness that is Young Justice.  This episode covers the Book One collection that DC released back in April, Young Justice #1-7, plus some tie-ins.  Also, Casey is back with a minute recap of the latest Game of Thrones episode, “Spoils of War.”

One comment

  1. […] Many years ago, Jacob introduced me to a little comic called Young Justice.  The original was written by Peter David and drawn by Todd Nauck.  I was a fan of Tim Drake (Robin), was familiar with Superboy, so I gave it a look.  The comic was fun and goofy, but still had a lot of heart in it. I recommend that you find copies of it.  (There are currently three volumes in print, and we covered Book One a while back in the podcast.) […]


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