DC Metal #1

DC Metal 1Not going to lie.  When I found out that DC Metal was going to be featuring Nth metal and dark matter, I was a little disappointed.  I was really hoping that the Justice League was going to forming a rock band and going on tour.  You can’t honestly tell me that you would not read that.

But anyways, this story starts with the Justice League on a recently created Warworld, and are forced to fight in Mongul’s gladiator pits.  They are pitted against creations of the Toyman, but he built into the robots an easy way out.  The League finds these buttons, go into the robots, and join up to form Voltron.  Or something.  But it was fun. 

The Justice League return to Earth to find that  a big mountain has just appeared in Gotham City.  They investigate the mountain to find that it is actually a large bunker, with a strange energy emanating from within.  After seeing the message “It’s chasing us RUN,” they are confronted by the Blackhawks, led by Kendra Saunders.  She requests that they come with her to Blackhawk Island, where she will tell them about the invasion that has been in the works for centuries.

Kendra tells them the story of her and a great detective of history, Carter Hall, otherwise known as Hawkman.  She goes through the tale of their reincarnations, thanks to a dagger made from Nth metal.  Kendra states that they believe that the energy they feel coming through the metal comes from a Dark Multiverse, because it doesn’t come from any known universes.  Kendra also tells the League that they believe that have found a third building block of reality, dark matter to go along with matter and anti-matter.  Kendra’s research also points to two names:  Barbatos and Wayne.  Batman is prophesied as the one who will let “him” in.  Superman asks Batman if this is what he’s been investigating (see The Forge & The Casting).  Batman creates a big diversion, and gets the hell out of there.

Batman returns to the cave, investigates the pure piece of Nth metal, realizes that he’s had Carter Hall’s missing journal, and has an ‘oh crap’ moment when he realizes that everything he’s been told and read is actually true.  At this point, Sandman (maybe, Dream of the Endless) comes in and tells him that the nightmare has just begun.

All in all, I thought it was an interesting first issue.  Starting with a fun action scene was a smart idea, because the middle of this issue is very exposition heavy.  Scott Snyder is trying to do a lot in this first issue.  You have a very brief history of Hawkman, where you not only get the premise, but there is also an introduction of the Metal Men and Challengers of the Unknown.  He is also reminding people of the Multiverse that was set up in Grant Morrison’s Multiversity, and then add another element to it.  Of course, having Greg Capullo’s wonderful art makes exposition go by quicker.

I recommend that you check out this event.  Scott Snyder has a track record of writing some phenomenal stories, and this first issue has me looking forward to the next issue.



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