Dark Nights: Suicide Squad #26

Suicide Squad 26 cover
Cover by Stjepan Stejic

We have come to part 3 of the Metal tie-in “Gotham Resistance” story.  For the previous parts, check out my reviews of Teen Titans #12 and Nightwing #29.  We last left our intrepid band of do-gooders (Robin, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc) having just defeated Mr. Fries.  They found another metallic card, and were continuing their search for Batman.

The issue opens with a scene showing Amanda Waller sending the Suicide Squad to Gotham, because things have gotten weird, and she does not know why.  I’m not sure why this was needed.  I think by this point, it was safe to assume that Waller had at some point sent the Squad to Gotham to check things out.  The only thing you really get out of it is Croc saying that Gotham isn’t his city.  This comes back up later on. 

Suicide Squad 26 school bus
Art by Stjepan Stejic

The “heroes” are fleeing from a swarm of Man-Bats (Men-Bat?) in a Mad Max-esque school bus, with Harley driving.  She tries to jump the bus over a chasm, but fails miserably.  However, they are caught in a bunch of vines.  The vines come alive and grab all of them, but Harley is not worried.  After all, she’s friends with Poison Ivy.  Unfortunately, The Batman Who Laughs has also gotten to Ivy.

She has been promised this realm, and wants to feed the “heroes” to her plants.  At this point, Evil Starfire comes in, and says that they are to be spared because the boss has plans for them.  Now, this is a bit confusing.  Why allow the prior villains to try to kill them if you had plans for them?  That seems a bit weird.

But anyways, this gives the “heroes” a chance to escape, only to come face to fact with the evil Squad and Teen Titans.  There are some confrontations, but nothing really comes from it.  In the end, Croc decides to hold off all the evil beings, because he cares about Gotham (call back), and this will allow the others to go find Batman.  Or, with Nightwing thinking that Batman may already be dead, to stop whoever is behind this.  The “heroes” come across the Mad Hatter and are about to be attacked by the Tweedles when they are saved by Mr. Terrific.

Suicide Squad 26 croc battle cry
Art by Stjepan Stejic

This issue, written by Rob Williams, seemed closer to the pacing established in the other series.  Sure, there were a couple questionable things in the issue, that I previously mentioned, the bulk of this issue was quite entertaining.  The constant action, with quick transitions from one scene to the next improved on what I felt was lacking from the previous parts of the “Gotham Resistance” story line.

I greatly enjoyed the art by Stjepan Stejic.  The expressiveness in the character’s faces enhanced the dialogue.  This was especially the case with Harley.  Harley goes through a wide range of emotions, all of which the art did a fantastic job of highlighting.

I did enjoy this issue more than the others.  That may be the improvements mentioned above, or reading order.  Overall, I do think this story is worth reading.  Will know for certain when it wraps up in Green Arrow #32.



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