Dark Nights: Green Arrow #32

Green Arrow 32 coverWith the release of Green Arrow #32, the “Gotham Resistance” story line comes to a close.  You can find the previous parts in Teen Titans #12, Nightwing #29, and Suicide Squad #26.  We last left our heroes as they were trying to escape the Dark Robin, with Croc staying behind to attempt to hold him off.  They were about to be in the Mad Hatter’s realm when Mr. Terrific showed up, bringing fair play back and everything.

Mr. Terrific helps them escape through a portal, and fills them in on nearly everything that has been going on.  He tells them about all of the Dark Batman from the Dark Multiverse.  He tells them about the metal cards that the Batman Who Laughs has been handing out to Batman’s enemies for them to reshape Gotham.  He tells them that he believes their plan is to change the frequency of enough people at Challenger mountain, and this will cause the Earth to cease to exist in this Multiverse and go to the Dark Multiverse. 

They keep traveling and come to Bane’s domain, though you can forget about that as Bane does not do anything in this issue.  They do find the rest of their teammates, including Croc, no longer evil, but connected to some giant, walking machine.  Croc says that he’s seen some things, and to just have Waller blow them up.  The Batman Who Laughs shows up, and gets Harley questioning things enough to allow herself to be captured.

Green Arrow tries to shoot the Dark Robin with the Nth Metal arrow, but the Dark Robin moves Robin the way of it.  However, Robin pushes the arrow further through, and stabs the Dark Robin.  This kills the Dark Robin.  Though I will add that the art does not make this sequence of events believable.  Green Arrow is far to close to the Dark Robin, who is not close enough to Robin, to make it seem like the Dark Robin could move fast enough to pull Robin in front of him to take the arrow.

Green Arrow 32 shooting robin

As the heroes try to escape, the rest of the Dark Batmen show up, apparently using Cyborg as a Boom Tube (see Batman The Murder Machine).  Just as things looked bleak, Doctor Fate shows up, and zaps the heroes out of there.  Green Arrow tries to assure Robin that he is not abandoning his teammates by regrouping.  And besides, it was not a total loss, since now they know they can kill these beings with Nth metal weapons.

This issue runs into the same problems I have with the other issues.  We come to the Green Arrow issue, so suddenly there is Green Arrow’s inner monologue.  Yes, I understand this is an issue of Green Arrow, but this is not a Green Arrow story.  Crossover issues should steer away from their own particular styles to match the other issues.  And that is not an issue just with this story, but since I am talking about Green Arrow, it gets my ire.  But other than the inner monologues, Benjamin Percy’s writing is fine.  With Juan Ferreyra’s art, I am not certain if it is just his style or what, but I noticed that there are not a lot of backgrounds in his panels.  It’s mainly some color fading in and out.  It seems to give the panels a bit of an other worldly feel.  I was not a fan.  It is not bad art.  It just wasn’t working for me.

So here we are, the “Gotham Resistance” story line has wrapped up, without really finalizing anything.  This issue ends with instructions to see the effect of “Gotham Resistance” in Metal #3.  So, it is still unclear how much of an impact this story will have on the overall story.  If we see in Metal #3 that the Gotham Resistance comes in and tells everyone what they need to do to defeat the bad guys, then yes, how they came upon that information is good to know.  Otherwise, I am not certain the payoff was worth the journey to get there.  It is an alright story, but I do not think it is something I would suggest that everyone should read.  If you are already getting two of the four issues, then it may be worth it to spend the extra $6 and wrap it up.




  1. “Crossover issues should steer away from their own particular styles to match the other issues.”

    No, what you’re looking for there is a mini-series. The entire point of crossing over into separate books is to tell one story in each individual book’s way. You’re looking for a more cohesive story. This is Green Arrow’s part of this story. Why should it change how it tells stories to play to the others in the crossover?


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