Really quick

I think my problem with the current Generation X book is that the roster is a handful of passive powers.  That pretty much means that every issue is going to be the characters standing around and talking things through.

I don’t understand how this has been missed for so long, but wouldn’t it be awesome if you just took a handful of cool mutants and let them have adventures as teenagers with super powers?  You don’t even have to make up new characters for it, so you’re not breaking the Disney/Fox “We can’t have good X-Men” edict.

But seriously.  Your cast includes a girl that has “nature powers”, a kid with eyeballs all over him, an empathic shapeshifter, and a guy that can read something’s past.  What do you do with that besides “see problem and talk it out”?

Oh, and my other problem is that the book is TERRIBLE.


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