DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

I have spent the last few months on Netflix, catching up with some of the Arrowverse TV series. I started with “The Flash”; after some delays, I finished the first 3 seasons a few weeks ago. I’ll write about that some time in the future.


I’m now working on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”. I am about 4 episodes through Season 2 and have enjoyed my virtual ride on the Wave Rider with the Legends. Of course I enjoy seeing the Legends in different time periods, especially when they run into other heroes (and villains) from the DC Universe. However, there’s one feature that I enjoy with “Legends” that I wasn’t expecting, when I began this journey: they address social topics.

Season 2, Episode 4 (“Absolution”) is one episode where the Legends touch on a couple of issues: racism and sexism. Jackson and Wave Rider stowaway, Vixen, have to infiltrate a Civil War-era plantation to steal some Confederate plans, while Sara and Steele (or Steel?) try to warn Union Command about Confederate… Zombies. It’s a strange episode.

What’s especially “strange” is that “Legends” spends time addressing ‘the elephant in the room’: the 2 black members of the Legends are having to suppress their feelings and anger, and dress up as slaves to get into that compound. They see a woman being whipped by her masters for scorching a tablecloth; Jax and Vixen both are not thrilled with seeing that incident or the mission – especially Vixen – but have to swallow their pride to get the documents.

Meanwhile, Sara is asked to not talk to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant because she is a woman; that is not the first time she was looked over, due to her sex (the previous episode, she was dismissed by the JSA as the Legends’ leader; they assumed Professor Stein spoke for the group). Neither of these topics are something that you normally see in comic book-based shows (“Black Lightning” and Black Panther might break that trend). I, however, like that “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” didn’t shy away from addressing racism or sexism. I’m looking forward to see what the rest of Season 2 brings!



  1. I absolutely love this show. The first season was a little shaky, but once they got rid of Vandal Savage as an uncompelling villain and leaned into “Stupid Time Travel Hijinks,” the show got a lot better.


  2. Wow, that seems constructive and forward-thinking. Over on my side of the Wrecks, all I get is a killing of the gay boyfriend while making a years-old trope fourth wall joke. Anthony gets Legends. Jacob gets Iceman.

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