Supergirl – “Legion of Superheroes”

Supergirl returns from its mid-season with break with the episode “Legion of Superheroes.”  In the mid-season finale, Supergirl was savagely beaten by Reign, and left in a coma.  How would…wait, did that title say “Legion of Superheroes?”  Holy #%&@, there actually going full Legion already?  We don’t have to wait until near the end of the season for what they’ve been teasing?  Awesome.

The episode begins with the introduction of Brainiac-5.  A very hideous looking version of Brainiac-5.  Seriously, it’s pretty bad.  And Brainiac-5 has a pretty basic look to him.  Hopefully, they’ll transition to more of his traditional look.  The show needed to establish who Brainiac-5 was quickly.  It seems that they are not nearly done introducing new heroes and villains this season, so there is a small window to establish people before moving on.

Supergirl Brainiac-5


I don’t know enough about the Legion to know how close this characterization of Brainiac-5 is to any version in the comics.  I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of the Legion, more of a fan of the thought of the Legion.  I have never read an issue of them, but I like when they are around.  This version of Brainy was definitely confident, but it didn’t seem to veer into the realm of cockiness.  Although, there was a moment at the end where he’s trying to pilot the ship, while talking with Kara in her mind, while also juggling in her mind, to show that he could multi-task.  Personally, I liked the characterization, but seriously, I hope something is done with the look.

The trope of people from the future facing the dilemma of interfering in the past is one found frequently with time travel, but they mixed things up a bit here.  Normally, they don’t want to interfere because they don’t want to change the past.  Well, the Legion has no idea what exactly the past is.  Most of Earth’s records were destroyed in 2450 in a cataclysmic event.  So, they have no idea how things are supposed to play out.  Just basics.  They know that Supergirl does live, and that Reign eventually left.

They are reluctant to interfere because of their mission.  In the 31st century, an entity/group known as The Blight had destroyed a planet.  They had discovered how to defeat The Blight, but had to flee before implementing their plan.  To ensure that the plan survived or could not be stolen, they imprinted it in their DNA.  I thought it was a good decision to have it obvious that Mon-El wants to help, but is bound by his sense of duty to his mission.  But to also have Imra Ardeen (Saturn Girl) being the one that chips away at his resolve, and ends up convincing him that they can help.

Personally, I think they missed an opportunity to do colorful, comics accurate costumes.  I don’t really dislike what they have in the show, but they’re pretty plain.  If they are this group that was inspired by heroes of the past, namely Supergirl, then you’d think that they would have brighter, more colorful costumes.  Now, it’s not something that really upsets me, I just think it’s a missed opportunity.

Supergirl Saturn Girl Mon-El.jpg

I am undecided in what I think about the Lena Luthor/Jimmy Olson relationship.  It’s fine, but right now, it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a point to it.  I’m guessing that it’s a long-term thing that will have some type of drama/payoff down the road.  Though, it did lead to a wonderful moment where John Jones has to pretend to be Kara, because Lena was told that Kara had the flu, so she was bringing her chicken noodle soup.  It was fun watching Melissa Benoist acting as John Jones pretending to be Kara.

I thought this was a pretty great return.  The Legion is established.  Reign’s mission of eliminating all of the morally corrupt people is set in motion.  The end tease of there being more like Reign out sets up the rest of the season.

Here are my notes from while I was watching this episode.

  • Brainiac-5 communicates with Kara while she’s in a coma.
  • Reign brings a criminal to the CatCo building to deliver her message that she is punishing everyone that let’s evil happen, including the apathetic.
  • Mon-el says that the Legion can’t interfere as it may jeopardize their mission.  Not certain what exactly happens, but they know Supergirl will live and Reign eventually leaves.
  • John Jones suggests they enact the “Sundown” protocol.  Plan to take out a Kryptonian.
  • Brainiac-5 inspects Kara’s brain and insists that she should be fine, but she doesn’t wake up when she should.  Brainiac-5 suggests that her mind is keeping her trapped.
  • Legion reveals to Kara’s sister that there is a group known as The Blight capable of destroying planets in the future.  The solution to killing them is literally written in the Legion’s DNA.
  • How do you imprint plans into DNA without changing the person?  You know what, never mind.  Future tech, not important.
  • Jimmy Olson tells Lena Luthor that Kara has the flu, so Lena goes to visit here.  John has to disguise himself as Kara to keep up the charade.
  • The DEO draws out Reign with a fake bank robbery, and blasts her with some type of bomb.  Maybe a red son type thing.  They try to put a chain with kryptonite on it, but it fails.  Reign flees.
  • Kara figures out that since her subconcious populated her loft in her mind, maybe there was something there that she needed to find.
  • When Reign attacks a prison, Mon-El finally talks himself into helping.  Sadly, he does not have his red suit.
  • LEGION FLIGHT RINGS!  They actually went with the standard, known design, rather than trying to spice it up, or improve it.  Sadly, no red suit for Mon-El.
  • Reign is mowing through the prison, and then comes upon weird prophet guy.
  • Oh no, “classic” music being Bon Jovi.
  • Always bad@ss Martian Manhunter moments.
  • Kara wakes up having found a key in her mind, and of course joins the fight.
  • Supergirl gets herself close enough to inject Reign with the Kryptonite solution they had come up with.
  • The Lena/Jimmy relationship seems weird, but I guess all CW shows require at least one relationship per show.
  • Brainiac signing Kara’s sister’s cast (why can’t I remember her name?) in binary is a nice small detail……is it Alex?  Maybe?
  • Reign flies back to her lair, and recuperates from the Kryptonite, and finds out that there are others like here that she can recruit.

Supergirl Legion flight rings


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