The Flash – “The Trial of The Flash”

The Flash returns from its mid-season break with Barry Allen on trial for the murder of Clifford Devoe.  For the first time since becoming The Flash, Barry has decided that this problem could not be solved by running.  He would just have to face this issue head on.  This episode really takes place as two separate stories.  The first is of course the trial of Barry Allen for the murder of Clifford Devoe, in which may be the fastest murder trial in the history of murder trials.  I guess that’s fitting.  The other is the villain of the week, Fallout, who is a radioactive man that is pretty oblivious to the fact that he’s a radioactive man, and is just trying to live his life.

Let’s start with Fallout.  There doesn’t seem to be much of a point to Fallout.  He’s just a man going about his business, who happens to make people he comes near to fall ill with radiation poisoning. I say seem, because it is quite possible that the timing of this was party of Devoe’s plan.  It’s a stretch, but hear me out.  What if Devoe, The Thinker, had planned on Fallout, who is one of the dark matter metas, becoming at just this moment.  This moment being Barry Allen’s trial.  So, you have this radioactive meta that no one can come close to, except someone that has accelerated healing.  Barry cannot ignore this serious threat, so he of course is going to try to do something about it.  This causes him to leave the courtroom during closing arguments, which looks absolutely horrible.

Then there is the trial itself. Cecilia is representing Barry, because apparently she can, even though she’s a Prosecutor. But, she does a terrible job of it. While the Prosecution presents piece after piece of evidence that all points to Barry, her defense comes down to “he couldn’t have done this because he’s a good cop.” That is an incredibly weak defense. Joe and Ralph get some pictures of Mrs. Devoe (can’t remember her name and IMDB only has her as The Mechanic) kissing Dominic, Clifford’s new body, but when Cecilia brings them up in court, Devoe already has a sympathetic story worked out.

Iris is about to tell the court room that Barry is The Flash, but he stops her during what was a really weird conversation. Barry essentially took them out of time and convinces her to not do it. Of course Barry is found guilty. The judge sentences Barry to life without parole, because of his apparent lack of remorse over the murder.

I’m not certain what exactly is the endgame for the Devoes. I assume that the next few episodes will be Team Flash trying to find some evidence to free Barry, while also training Ralph and his abilities as Elongated Man to fill in. But what is there for the villains to do? Will it just be them trying to thwart Team Flash’s investigation? That doesn’t seem very interesting to me. Surely, there is more to their plan than a new body for Clifford and putting Barry in jail.

Thoughts while watching this episode.

  • So, Barry is out on bail?  Wait, house arrest?  Is that’s what done in murder cases?
  • Joe asking Ralph for help really makes me want to see an extended team-up between the two.
  • HA! Barry Allen wears a mask.  Get it?  The prosecutor is saying this because he’s a cop that committed murder, but he’s also The Flash.  Double meaning.
  • Wow.  Some dude just caused everyone in a back to pass out.  Skin had a green glow to it.
  • This prosecutor is good.  Even I want to send Barry to prison.
  • Late to work 72 times in 2 years?  Damn Barry, get to work on time.
  • Joe and Ralph catch Mrs. Devoe with new Clifford.
  • Yes, Barry, tell the city you’re The Flash.  At the rate you’re going, they’ll all know in 2 years anyways.
  • So, some dude gave everyone radiation poisoning.  That seems bad.
  • Ralph brought the pictures to court.  This should go well.
  • It does not go well.  Mrs. Devoe turned those pictures around to make her even more sympathetic.
  • Yes Harry, good news is good news.  No news is miscommunication.
  • The radioactive dude is a driver of nuclear waste?  What a great cover.
  • So, Barry can move him and Iris both fast enough that no one else can notice the extended conversation they are having in the court room?
  • Ralph being the moral compass for Joe, and not letting him plant evidence is a nice moment.
  • Is the prosecutor the guy from Eureka?
  • Radioactive dude just realized he’s radioactive.  Radioactive.
  • Cecilia’s defense of Barry is pretty weak.  He’s a good cop so he couldn’t have done it.
  • Really hope Cisco sent the radioactive energy to the correct dead Earth.
  • Of course they find Barry guilty.  Every jury in the nation would have.
  • Nope, not the guy fro Eureka.
  • Life in prison?  Ouch.
  • He’s in his father’s cell?  What are the odds?

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