Riverdale – “Chapter Twenty-five: The Wicked and the Devine”

Where, oh where, did we leave off with those pesky kids from Riverdale?  Well, Archie had just earned the respect of Hiram Lodge by beating someone above him in weight classes in a wrestling match during tryouts, though wrestling doesn’t come up at all during the episode.  Jughead has opened the proverbial can of worms by exposing the sins of town founder General Pickens.  Betty had discovered Chic’s dark side, and was wanting help to get in touch with hers.

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This time we’re starting with Veronica.  A lot of this week’s episode centers around her confirmation.  Now, I’m not entirely certain how Catholicism, but she seems to be a bit old.  I think they gave an explanation on why she’s doing it now, and not when she was 12 or 13, but my confusion of what was going on kept me from hearing it.  But anyways, throughout the episode, Veronica struggles with the prospect of bringing sweet, innocent Archie into her family’s business.  This is exacerbated after talking with some of her mother’s “friends,” the wives of her father’s associates.  Eventually, she gets to the point where she tells her father that she doesn’t want to him to keep Archie as an intern.  Maybe it’s just because I’ve seen a lot of television, but I have my suspicions that her secrets are going to come back to haunt her.  Call it a hunch.

Meanwhile, Archie has been turned into Hiram’s errand boy.  Archie has done such a great job in this short time, that Hiram is going to have him help out with a poker game among the “family” that is in town for Veronica’s confirmation.  Agent Adams wants Archie to wear a wire during this, but Archie refuses.  There are some heated moments where Hiram sticks up for Pop after Papa Poutine insults Pop’s attempt at poutine.  Archie overhears Papa Poutine (such a great nickname) talking about Hiram getting soft, and the confirmation reception will be a good time to take him out.

At some point, possibly 24 hours later at the Confirmation Reception (are those things that exist?), Archie tells Hiram about this, and Hiram makes a call.  (Side note, fairly certain that if Confirmation Receptions are things, the confirmed probably isn’t supposed to be making out at it.)  Anyways, after the party, Agent Adams tells Archie that Papa Poutine was found dead in his hotel room.  Archie denies that he has any reason to think Hiram was behind it.  Here, I’m wondering if Archie is getting a taste for this life.  Likes the intrigue and subterfuge, and other crime and mystery words.  I think we’re still several episodes away from him definitely going one direction or the other.  Although, if he’s okay covering up a murder, then what is he not okay with.  Well, odds are that it’s going to be a decision involving his father.

Betty is quickly exploring her darker side, wearing a wig and a bra in front of a webcam.  But nothing really comes from that this episode.  Most of it is spent with Jughead.  Sheriff Keller hands out eviction notices to all of the Serpents in the trailer park after harassing them about the missing head of the Pickens statue.  To deal with the legal issues, Tallboy brings in Penny, the Snake Charmer.  Last we saw her, Jughead and his posse were kicking her out of the Serpents and removed her tattoo from her.  FP is not happy with his son, even saying that he will be the downfall of the Serpents.

To make matters worse, Betty and Jughead are both suspended from the school newspaper.  This is when the go back to their investigative ways, and are alerted that the missing head is at a junkyard.  The junkyard worker (sadly not a dog) described the person he saw drop it as a tall person wearing a Serpents jacket.  With FP on their side, the Serpents confront Tallboy about this, and he says that Hiram hired him to do it.  At the end of the episode, the Lodges open a box (WHAT’S IN THE BOX?) with the statue head in it.  At some point, we’re bound to get an FP versus Hiram showdown, with the question of who Fred Andrews sides with.  Right?  Surely that’s what this is building to?

After all of the excitement, Betty and Jughead are sitting on the couch, having a moment.  Jughead realizes what a huge idiot he was in pushing Betty away in the first half of the season.  They have a highly intimate moment where they TV did it.  (TV did it is the implication that two characters are having sex, but the scene ends as the clothes begin to come off and the passion begins.)  Afterwards, Betty returns home to find her mom cleaning up a lot of blood, and a dead body belonging to someone that had come to visit Chic.  Hal had moved out earlier in the episode, and he’s still coming off as the reasonable one.  I have no idea how this is going to play out.  Is Chic the Black Hood Killer?  Possibly.  I’m not so certain anymore.  The Black Hood Killer was mentioned in the episode, so they are keeping him in our minds.

Here are my thoughts while watching this week’s episode.

  • Veronica is having a confirmation?  At least they mention that it’s a bit late.  I guess.  Still weird.
  • Sheriff Keller just won’t leave the Serpents alo…
  • What the hell, Betty?  Webcam already?
  • Jughead and Betty suspended from the newspaper.  This isn’t going to go over well.
  • Betty is sooooo jealous of Toni Topaz.
  • Uh oh, Pop let slip that Hiram owns Pop’s Diner.
  • Super special agent Anderson demanding Archie spy at the confirmation.  Is that a sin?
  • Sheriff Keller just evicted all of the Serpents on the Mayor’s order.  Wonder if this is part of Hiram’s land grab.  Or just harassing.
  • Serpents are splintering, with FP trying to hold it together.
  • Hiram being proud of Archie for beating up Nick seems right.
  • Betty ran into one of Chic’s “job interview” getting home.
  • Jughead is getting himself in way too deep.  Now he’s going to be investigating who’s pulling the Mayor’s strings.
  • Veronica, just tell Archie all of these close friends are shady business people.
  • “Find the head, save the trailer park.”
  • Aw crap, the Snake Charmer is back.
  • HA! FP stands for face palm.
  • Agent Adams wants Archie to wear a wire.  What could possibly go wrong?
  • Mon Senior’s advice wasn’t very good at all.
  • Serpents are voting on whether or not to kick out Jughead.  FP says Jughead will be their downfall.
  • Wow, these are all a bunch of upstanding individuals at the poker game.  Archie over hears a couple of the players planning to get rid of Hiram after the confirmation.
  • Bittersweet Symphony is a very odd choice for a confirmation.  Like the song, but very odd.
  • Wonder if Archie told Hiram….Veronica, why are you hesitating.  Just answer yes, of course you renounce Satan.
  • Fun, Lodges now own the old Southside High.
  • Veronica requests Archie be kept out of the business.
  • Some old scrapyard dude gives Bughead the Pickens statue head, saying some tall guy in a Serpents jacket dropped it off.
  • Looks like Archie is just now telling Hiram about what he overheard.  Hiram seems to have taken that in stride.  But he did just call someone.
  • Hiram Lodge had Tallboy do it.
  • Well, looks like Betty and Jughead are back together.  Really back together.
  • Interesting, Chic and Alice are left alone.  Well, this is certainly and interesting individual that just showed up at the Cooper’s.
  • Papa Poutine has been found murdered, and Archie “knows nothing.”
  • Oh snap, someone sent the Pickens head back to the Lodges.
  • What the hell?  Betty walked in to find her mom cleaning up a crap ton of blood and a dead body.

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