Arrow – “All for Nothing”

We last left Team Arrow with them failing find Cayden James’ bomb, and reluctantly having to pay his daily ransom.  Team Outsider was coming around to the knowledge that they could trust Vigilante.  Will Team Arrow also be able to trust Vigilante?  Will they be any closer to finding Cayden’s bomb, or will they have to keep paying until they run out of money, and then get blown up anyways?  Will Quintin Lance keep up his foolish hope that Black Siren can be redeemed?

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Let’s jump back in time to 5 years ago.  Dinah and Vincent (Vigilante) are both working undercover in Central City to take down someone named Sonus. During this time, her and Vincent develop a relationship.  After some time, Dinah gets discovered as an undercover agent, and is tortured.  Vincent also gets discovered.  They’re about to be killed, but then the STAR Labs explosion happens.  I was going to argue that that happened 4 years ago and not 5, but they did leave themselves the opening of not saying how much time has passed during the flashback.  It’s possible that they could have been undercover for a year.

Team Arrow and the Outsiders are forced to cooperate, as they’re not able to stop Cayden James on their own.  It starts when Team Arrow confronts Vigilante, and The Outsiders stop them before a fight starts.  They concoct a plan that Vigilante would download data from Cayden’s servers for Felicity to decode, with the goal of finding out where the bomb is.  The location is constantly changing.  Vincent goes in, starts the download, but Cayden catches him.  Felicity gives him some more techno babble to try to impress Cayden, and give him a reason for being in the server room.  For the moment, Cayden seems appeased, but Vincent does have to knock someone to exit so that he can transmit the downloaded data to Felicity.  Afterwards, he gets tasered by Anatoly and Cayden.

Just as Felicity discovers the location of the bomb, Vincent’s comms turn back on.  They can hear Vincent being tortured, and Dinah wants to go rescue him.  Oliver says that Vincent knew the mission, and they need to find the bomb.  Dinah wants to go rescue Vincent.  So, each team goes their separate ways.  Neither of them are really successful.  Team Arrow finds hostages attached to a different bomb.  They have time to save the hostages, but not enough to do that and find the big bomb.  Green Arrow and Spartan just weren’t enough people to do the job, especially when the bomb leaves on 1 of 4 trucks.

They do return to some good news.  Felicity found the evidence that made Cayden believe that the Green Arrow killed his son.  Some how, they know that the same person that photoshopped the photo of Oliver as the Green Arrow also did this.  So, somewhere out there, there is a bigger villain that is manipulating Cayden.  Not sure how I feel about a bigger villain being suddenly revealed.

The Outsiders fare even worse.  While they’re breaking in, Vincent frees himself.  When Dinah finds him, she comments about him turning his comm back on, but he says he never did that.  Of course a bomb goes off right then, trapping her.  Black Siren shouts Vincent back and impales him on rubble.  Cayden then has her finish him off.  After a moment hesitation she yells right into his ear and turns his brain to mush.  Cayden and Black Siren leave, leaving Dinah buried in rubble.  Curtis and Rene come and dig her out.  Later on that night, Oliver stops by.  Of course Dinah isn’t happy that they didn’t get the bomb because it seems like Vincent died for nothing.  She vows to solve the issues with a gun from now on

Also throughout the episode, Quintin Lance has been followed by Black Siren.  Him and Thea concoct the pretty poor plan of tricking Black Siren into following him into a building in which they’ve set up a bunch of videos and pictures of Laurel being a good person.  I say it’s a poor plan because none of this should have any meaning for Black Siren.  A person shouldn’t be nostalgic for a life that isn’t their own.  I suppose the only way out of this is that if she always wanted a nice life, and just became evil because she had no other options.  But that is a pretty poor story.  After the events with Vincent, Thea tells Quintin what happened, and that she may have been wrong about Black Siren.

With Dinah wanting revenge, it seems like we’re going to maybe get a stand-off soon between her and Quintin.  I don’t really want to see that, but that’s what I’m expecting.  I’m also thinking that Cayden James may not be long for the show.  With the revelation that there is someone else pulling the strings, you don’t need to draw out the Cayden stuff the rest of the season.  They could, and it would probably be fine, but they’ve written themselves into a corner with the ransom.  You’ve expressed that the city can’t keep that up, so something is going to have to happen to tie up that plot thread.

Here are my thoughts while watching this week’s episode.

  • Well, that was short lived.  Tried to sneak ARGUS agents in, but they got electrocuted through their comms.
  • $70 million?  So, it’s been a week.
  • A week?  Is Cayden letting groceries into the city?
  • Vigilante is claiming he didn’t know about the ARGUS agents.
  • Five years ago in Central City?  We’re getting Vincent/Dinah backstory?  Can’t understand the name of the person they’re going after.
  • Seems like Cayden is getting a paranoid.  Cayden was surprised that Oliver was able to get communication outside of the city.
  • Honeymoon?  Did Olicity get….crap, I forgot out them being the worst wedding guests ever.
  • Team Arrow confronts Vigilante, but are stopped by The Outsiders.  Apparently, they didn’t tell them about Vigilante being an undercover agent.  Oops.
  • Needing Vigilante to download data off of Cayden’s server sounds like a terrible idea.
  • Black Siren has been following Lance for a few days.  Really don’t like idea of evil Laurel redemption.
  • Oliver doesn’t trust Vigilante?  No way.
  • Of course the door to the server room is locked.    Wait, Cayden James would use a very easily figured out password.  What kind of super intelligent criminal is he?  Well, he’s one that’s unfortunately entering the server room and finding Vigilante in there.  Felicity just gave him some techno babble to get him out of this situation.
  • Vigilante just beat up someone.  I suspect that was a bad idea.
  • Well, Vigilante has been made by Cayden.
  • Vigilante has a healing factor?  What?  Then why is his eye so…..ugly?  Should make torture interesting.
  • Lance’s great plan is to show evil Laurel pictures and video of good Laurel?  But nice visual with evil Laurel walking past the projector and have good Laurel’s mask on her.
  • Felicity finds out where the bomb is, but Vigilante’s comms turn back on and they can hear him being tortured.  Of course Dinah is more concerned about Vigilante than the giant bomb.  So The Outsiders are going to save Vigilante and not the city.  Dinah’s comparison is a bit off.  Vigilante being captured isn’t the same as Felicity being captured.
  • So, Outsiders going after Vigilante.  Team Arrow going after the bomb.  They don’t find big bomb, but find hostages strapped to a bomb.
  • Oh crap, Vigilante didn’t activate his comms.
  • Oh wow, should have put the timing together.  Dinah and Vigilante got there powers from the reactor explosion in Central City.
  • Damn, Black Siren just turned Vigilante’s brain to mush.
  • Interesting, someone played Cayden with doctored footage of Green Arrow shooting his son.
  • Uh oh.  Dinah’s getting a bit blood-thirsty.

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