Supergirl – “Both Sides Now”

Previously on Supergirl, Morgan Edge and Lena were trying to kill each other.  Then Mama Luthor stepped, complete with power armor, but Supergirl and Mon-El took her out.  Although, none of that really matters this week.  Just remember from last week that Samantha has told everyone about the missing time she’s experiencing, and no one can figure out why.  From two weeks ago, remember that Supergirl found out that there were 2 more world killers out there, and they did discover the identity of one of them from Kara’s dreams.

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The DEO storms into Julia’s house, ready for a fight, only to find a very frightened Julia.  Supergirl tries to talk with this frightened lady, but Alex is feeling a bit trigger happy.  The threat brings out Purity, and she attacks everyone.  John is able to subdue her, and she’s taken back to DEO headquarters, where Supergirl and Alex have very different ways of interrogating her.  Supergirl is trying to get through to Julia.  Alex is saying forget that, there is no Julia, there is only Purity, so where is Reign.  It was a different side of Ales we’re not used to seeing.  It seemed a little strange, especially after seeing a very caring Alex the last two weeks while she was helping Ruby and Samantha.

While Winn is researching a crystal they found at Julia’s place, it begins to activate.  This somehow gives Purity a chance to escape.  Power dampeners went offline, maybe.  Anyways, she takes the crystal and leaves.  Eventually, they are able to track her down, and Supergirl flies into a subway.  Purity tries to use her shouting power, but the team is wearing sonic dampeners.  Again, not certain how this is actually working.  Usually, when you use the ear plug device, it’s because the sonic powers are messing with your mind in some way.  Here, it’s been shown that Purity’s sonic yell has a concussive element to it.  So, how do ear plugs stop a concussive force.  I mean, the concrete pillar that she crumbles doesn’t have any ears, and it’s not fine.

The train station is falling down around them.  Purity has Supergirl, and now Alex finally snaps out of her pessimism and tries to get through to Julia.  And she’s successful.  That is until  Reign shows up.  It should be noted that Samantha had been spending the day with Ruby, having fun ice skating.  They start to race, and that’s when Samantha became Reign and abandoned Ruby.  But anyways, Reign shows up and is about to do her thing, but Julia agrees to go willingly if Reign doesn’t hurt anyone.  So now, we have the DEO seeing that there are other sides to these world killers.  I wonder if they’ll start looking into if Reign has another side.

After Ruby was abandoned, Lena Luthor came to pick her up.  At the very end, Samantha came to Lena’s office, panicking.  Lena starts to lecture Samantha and threaten to have Ruby taken some place else when she catches a glimpse of Reign.  Lena claims to know what’s going on, but we’ll see.  I don’t know how you use Lena in the whole Reign story.  Possibly through something that happens with Reign, Lena finds out that Kara is Supergirl.  You don’t really have Lena in a position where she’d try to use Reign for her own means.  Maybe eventually, but not yet.

Also in this episode, John listened to Mon-El’s relationship problems while they tried to fix the Legion ship.  Turns out, Mon-El and Imra were part of an arranged marriage.  And while Mon-El has grown to love Imra, he does still have feelings for Kara.  John suggests that he be honest with Imra.  So he is.  That’s when Imra drops the bombshell that there is another reason that they are there.  Unfortunately, we have to wait until April to hear it.  I suspect Imra and Brainiac know what happens between Supergirl and Reign, and it’s not good.  Now, whether or not they can or are supposed to change the past is another issue.

Here are my thoughts while watching this week’s episode.

  • Looks the whole crew is rolling up on this unsuspecting world killer.
  • Well, I guess they don’t know that the world killers don’t know what they are.  Though they’re finding out now.
  • And there is the world killer.  Thanks a lot, Alex.
  • A sonic scream?  Lame.
  • Samantha, you’re missing time.  Of course you can’t handle the job anymore.
  • Samantha is being forced to take the day off.  That’s convenient for Reign.
  • Supergirl doesn’t seem a bit off to me.
  • “When your way fails.”  Ouch Alex.  Someone is being Ms. Grumpypants this episode.
  • So, these world killers are aliens that came to Earth, and assumed identities?  But it seems like there is some Julia personality fighting inside of Purity.
  • Shouldn’t Brainiac-5 be the one working on the ship?  Man, everyone is being short with people.  Mon-El with Imra.
  • Oh snap, Purity sees right through Alex and her pain.
  • Well, at least Samantha and Ruby seem to be enjoying themselves this episode.
  • Oh crap, Reign is getting called in the middle of ice skating.
  • Unknown alien tech causes things at the DEO to freak out?  No way.  And bye-bye Purity.  That’s a weird thing to type.
  • Mon-El and Imra have an arranged marriage?  Wow. Awwww…Mon-El still has feelings for Kara, because of course he does.
  • Yes, tell the wife you still have feelings for the girlfriend.  That’s great advice John.
  • Not entirely certain how sonic dampeners in the ears are making them not fly backwards when she screams at them.  I mean, they’re shown to have a concussive force to them.
  • So now, in the middle of a fight, Alex finally thinks there might be a Julia in there?  Weird.  But they get through to her, and ah crap, Reign shows up.
  • Julia offers herself up to Reign to save Alex.
  • Saturn Girl is telling Mon-El why they’re really here?  Wait what?  You can’t change scenes now.
  • Looks like Lena Luthor might have caught a glimpse of Reign.  Lena’s gonna make her better?  How?

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