The Flash – “True Colors”

Previously on The Flash, after finding the person really responsible for the crimes Big Sir was convicted of, and the system failing him, Barry decided to take matters into his own hands.  While he thought the camera wasn’t watching, Barry sped Big Sir off to China.  Unfortunately, there was another camera watching, and Warden Wolfe told Barry that he knew his secret.  So, what exactly is the warden planning to do with Barry?  Is Team Flash able to find some loophole to get Barry out of prison?  What wacky thing is Ralph Dibny going to do this week?

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Warden Wolfe has Barry transferred to a special prison he has had built to dampen the abilities of people with powers.  Down there, Barry finds the other dark matter metas from earlier in the season.  The warden is planning on selling all of them to Blacksmith. Needless to say, none of them like the prospects of being sold to Blacksmith.  Barry goes all MacGuyver on it, and is able to figure out some way to short circuit the locks, have an acid eat through a manhole cover of some sort, and they look for a way out under this portion of the prison.  It was one of those sequences where you just kind of accept, because if you think about it at all, it seems really suspect that Barry would have the means to escape.  But, the story requires them to escape, so they escape.  I’m not saying it’d be impossible, but it stretches the suspension of disbelief.

It should probably be noted that Hazard doesn’t initially want to leave, and seems to be the only one of the dark matter metas that actually regrets harming people.  Barry convinces her that she can be a better person this time around.  There’s a lot of talking between the characters, but nothing that really matters.  At some point, Wolfe realizes they are missing.  Unfortunately, when the group comes out of the tunnels, Wolfe and a group of his men are waiting for them.  The metas are about to take Wolfe out when he clues them in that Barry is The Flash.  Also, around that time, Blacksmith with her people show up.  Barry was hit with a power dampener thing, Hazard was using her luck powers to fend off Wolfe and Blacksmith.

And then The Thinker showed up. Earlier, The Mechanic had modified the chair, but was beginning to show doubts about DeVoe’s plan, when he didn’t foresee the metas escaping from their cells.  But he comes roaring in, and appears to connect with each of the dark matter metas, and it appears to kill them.  The last of these is Hazard, who Barry is too late to save.  However, DeVoe has inhabited her body.  DeVoe returns to his/her base, and The Mechanic (Marlize DeVoe) is not at all happy about the new development or what we’re about to cover.  However, DeVoe gives her some love tears from a meta we saw in the first part of the season, and everything is fine.

While all of this is going on, Team Flash first realized something was going on when Iris and Cecile went to visit Barry.  Warden Wolfe said Barry had been in an altercation, but was going to be okay.  However, Cecile can still read minds, and knows that Wolfe plans to sell Barry to Blacksmith.  So, they get working on a plan to save Barry.  As luck would have it, Ralph discovers that he has a new ability.  He can shape shift.  Not certain how exactly I feel about this.  I suppose with the way they are defining his powers, shape shifting another person isn’t too big of a stretch (get it?).  Although, changing hair color and skin pigmentation is a bit much.

They have Ralph try to be Wolfe, but that ends up not working well.  After a pep talk from Frost, Ralph regains his confidence.  While he does not help with the attack at the prison, he does play a huge role in the end.  Cecile is arguing for Barry’s appeal, which is still the speediest murder trial proceedings in the history of murder trials.  She’s struggling because she doesn’t actually have any new evidence to show to prove Barry’s innocence.  Well, none until the original DeVoe rolls into the courthouse.  Needless to say, everyone is stunned, especially his wife.  Although, she can’t really argue it.  What is she going to say?  I know that isn’t really my husband because his mind is currently in another person’s body?

I liked the payoff, but again, it’s one of those things that they’re doing because they need to get Barry out of prison legally, but don’t really have a good way of doing it.  Doesn’t someone have a coronor’s report on DeVoe?  Didn’t they bury the body?  Is no one going to bring up that obviously this man is an imposter?  Surely, this can’t be the end of the whole trial aspect.

Here are my thoughts while watching this week’s episode.

  • How can the Warden afford a high tech prison?
  • Crap, the Warden has stored up all of the dark matter metas.
  • This certainly a strange individual in Ralph’s office.
  • The Warden trying to lie to Cecile and Iris about where Barry is.  Too bad she can still read minds so she knows where Barry is.
  • Ummmmm…..Ralph can shape shift?  I suppose that makes sense.
  • Hey look, DeVoe is still in the show, and they’re still watching Barry.  And he doesn’t know what to do with the possibility of Barry being sold to Blacksmith.
  • Barry is clogging a toilet???  Well, this certainly is starting to be a weird episode.
  • Wow, Barry is going all MacGuyver in his prison cell.
  • So, he’s going to break all of the people he put in prison, out?  Sounds safe.  Wonder how long before they figure out who he is.
  • The Mechanic has modified DeVoe’s chair for his new body.  She may be keeping a song in her head to block her thoughts.
  • Ralph as Warden Wolf is pretty funny.
  • And yep, Ralph’s hold on the shape shifting wore off at the absolute worst time.
  • And Wolf knows that the metas are gone now.
  • Dangit Ralph, you already had the self-doubting moment.
  • Nice, Caitlin gives up trying to pep up Ralph, so she brings in Frost.
  • And of course the Warden knew exactly where they would come out.
  • Crap, Warden just outed Barry as The Flash.
  • Nice, the luck lady is with Barry.  Though Blacksmith just showed up, so damn.
  • What a weird time for DeVoe to show up in his chair.
  • So, DeVoe is now in Lady Luck?  Using the chair to suck the life out of people?  I’m so confused.  Looks like The Mechanic is confused as well.  And Frost and Vibe are a bit late.
  • Stupid, noble Barry, not escaping prison while he has the chance.
  • Oh nice.  Ralph is disguising himself as DeVoe for Barry’s appeal.
  • Well, they solved that.  What happens when they search for DeVoe and he’s not around?
  • Interesting, Barry has put it together that DeVoe only wants the powers of the dark matter metas.
  • Crap.  DeVoe is stacking powers.  And drugging The Mechanic, who’s obviously not happy with the way things are going, with the tears of the guy from several episodes ago.

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