Riverdale – “Chapter Twenty-Six: The Tell-Tale Heart”

We last left the plucky kids from Riverdale in quite a bit of trouble.  Betty returned home from an intimate time with Jughead to find her mom cleaning up blood from a dead body in the house.  Archie was lying to Agent Adams about having no idea about why Hiram would want Papa Poutine dead.  So, big question, what are the Coopers going to do with the body?  Who is this person anyways?  Also, how much is Agent Adams going to increase the pressure on Archie, because surely he knows that Archie is lying to him.

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Starting with the Cooper ladies, Betty starts helping her mom clean up the mess.  We still don’t know what exactly led to this man being killed, but that could come up later on.  Right now, it’s all about dealing with the shock of, oh crap, there’s a dead body in the house.  Alice and Betty scrub everything and anything, while Chic is sitting and crying.  They decide to dispose of the body by wrapping it up and dumping it in a storm drain.  Betty, feeling guilty that they may have just killed a man with a family, and stuff, gets the brilliant idea of returning to the dead body.  His cell phone rings while he’s there, and she gets even the brighter idea of taking the guys cell phone, realizing that he had 47 missed calls.

This is when Betty gets the brightest idea she’s ever had and starts calling people on his phone.  Listening to messages, she finds out that the man is a drug dealer.  So, rather than the random drifter that no one would miss that they thought they had killed, they instead killed a drug dealer that has a lot of clients looking for him.  Eventually, Betty breaks down and tells Jughead about what happened.  They also realize, because of a traffic cop (or parking attendant or something) that this person’s car has been sitting in front of the Cooper’s house for days.  They dump the car and phone into a lake, and but are still worried about the body.

Jughead can’t keep a secret either and told his father.  FP, having some experience with disposing bodies, retrieves the body.  He buries the body, along with something that is going to dissolve it in about a week or so.  Let’s see how all of this plays out.  No real clues on who exactly this guy was to Chic.  Can’t imagine that he was just a drug dealer, and Chic still gives me the creeps.  He was cutting Hal out of family pictures while the Cooper ladies were finishing up with FP.

The Lodges made a couple plays this episode.  First, they tried to silence Jughead by offering to pay the back rent of all the Serpents, if Jughead would keep their name out of any future news articles.  With FP’s backing, Jughead tells them no.  It’s important that FP backed him here.  If Jughead decided this on his own, then it sets him for failure when the Serpents get run out of the trailer park.  His father backing him changes this from one of Jughead’s lost causes, and into a point of pride for the Serpents.  Their silence cannot be bought.

The other power play involves Mayor McCoy.  The Lodges are worried that her loyalty is going to weaken, so they come up with a plan to discredit her.  See, they know that she is having an affair with Sheriff Keller.  Veronica, trying to be a mediator and failing once already with the Serpents, tells the Mayor that her parents are going to leak news of this affair.  Mayor McCoy gets out in front of it and in a press conference, tells everyone herself and resigns.  I’m not entirely certain how that is better.  Maybe it keeps the Lodges from countering with the affair if she were to bring up any accusations.  Since the news is already out there, it can die down, and McCoy will still have leverage on the Lodges.  Maybe, I guess.

Lastly, there’s Archie.  Agent Adams is still not buying that Hiram didn’t kill Papa Poutine.  Adams actually pays Archie for his work and continued service.  But now, he definitely wants results.  Adams ends up paying Fred Andrews a visit regarding undocumented workers from Canadda.  Bit silly, but I found it funny.  Archie flat out asks Hiram if he did it and of course Hiram says he didn’t.  Archie also comes clean about his contact with Agent Adams, and asks Hiram if there’s anything he can do to help his father.  Later on, Hiram’s driver Andre picks up Archie, in order to take him to the Boss.  Archie finds it odd that they drive past the condo building, and out into the woods.  You know, a perfectly normal place to go for a meeting.  Nothing bad happens in the woods, at night.  Right.  Well, nothing bad happened, but something surprising did.

Hiram was not waiting for Archie in the woods.  Instead, it was Hermoine.  She tells him that Agent Adams was one of her people, and that this was all a test to see if Archie was worthy of being in the family.  Luckily, Archie passed that test.  So, guess this part of the story line is over.  No idea where they go from here.  Veronica lied to her father about contacting McCoy, so maybe she brings down the family business with Archie.

Here are my thoughts while watching this episode.

  • Yeah sure, they totally murdered someone in self-defense.
  • Seriously, still not sure Agent Adams can be talking to Archie without a legal guardian.
  • Awww….Betty didn’t say “I love you too” back to Jughead.
  • I do find it out that Chic isn’t helping the Cooper ladies get rid of the body.
  • FP doesn’t seem happy that Jughead sent the Pickens head to the Lodges.
  • Veronica suggesting she can mediate between her daddy and the Serpents.
  • Cooper ladies scrub everything.
  • Man this episode is jumping around early.
  • Betty doesn’t like chocolate chip pancakes?  Weirdo.  She is definitely not holding it together after last night.
  • Wonder how long before Betty snaps and tells Jughead about the body.
  • Police find another dead body……at a motel.  Yeah, Betty definitely isn’t holding things together.  Guess it was Papa Poutine’s body
  • Really Archie, do you really know that at heart that Hiram is a good guy?
  • Jughead is trying to interrogate the Mayor.  How can he just get access to the mayor?
  • Now Agent Adams is paying Archie.  Seriously question the ethics behind this.
  • Betty you idiot, don’t go back to the dead body.  That defeats the point of dumping a body somewhere.  And dude’s phone just happen to rings when she’s there.  Although, 47 missed calls, someone is definitely looking for him.
  • Shady dude was a drug dealer, not a client of Chic’s.
  • Archie, of course Hiram is going to tell you he didn’t hire anyone to kill Papa Poutine.
  • Hiram offering to pay back rent for peace.  Oh, and for Jughead to keep his name out of any expose Jughead is working on.  Serpents pass.
  • McCoy just stormed out of a meeting with Lodges.  The Lodges think they need to expedite their plans for Southside High, and to get McCoy out of office due to a scandal.
  • Agent Adams meeting with Fred Andrews.
  • Betty, why are you calling people on drug dealer’s phone?  That’s stupid.
  • And she just told Jughead.  That didn’t take very long.
  • Of course drug dealer’s car is still outside the Cooper’s place.  Oops.
  • FBI crackdown on undocumented labor from Canada.  Cute.  Using that to come after Fred Andrews to put pressure on Archie to place a bug in Hiram’s office.
  • Veronica is warning Mayor McCoy that her parents know about her affair with Sheriff Keller.
  • Betty and Jughead dump drug dealer’s car and phone in a lake.  I wonder why Chic wanted him dead.  I’m assuming Chic wanted him dead because I don’t trust him at all.
  • Mayor McCoy is stepping down on her own.
  • Veronica just straight up lied to Hiram.
  • Dammit, I don’t like being on Hal’s side.  Hal’s a jerk, but he’s right.
  • Archie tells Hiram about Agent Adams.
  • And Jughead already told FP.  Can’t anyone keep secrets?
  • So, now FP is burying the body for them.
  • Hiram’s driver Andre just picked up Archie and is taking him to the boss.
  • Chic cutting Hal out of pictures can’t mean good things.
  • Oh snap, Andre drove Archie to meet with Hermione Lodge.  Oh damn, she hired Agent Adams.

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