Legends of Tomorrow – “Here I Go Again”

Last time on Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine made an appearance, and left with an ominous warning to Ray Palmer to keep an eye on Sara Lance.  She had opened herself up to Mallus in order to get out of 1969, and that could be repercussions.  We also learned that Nora Darhk was being possessed by Mallus, which is what Damian Darhk wants.  So, what happens now that we know a little bit more about Mallus?  What is the team’s next move?  Will any of these questions actually be answered?

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In short, the answer to the final question is no.  This episode is a bit of a filler episode.  But, it’s a really good, really fun filler episode.  The team is off on a mission, leaving Zari behind to do some maintenance on the ship.  She decides to update Gideon’s neural core with an algorithm to try to find any time loopholes.  These are events that she can exploit to change her future without creating a time aberration.  This fries Gideon’s processors, and Sara is not happy about this when she gets back.  Ray is doing everything he can to subtly suggest they don’t want to make Sara mad.  Zari gets frustrated, goes to fix the ship, gets covered in some blue liquid, and the ship explodes.

And then, Zari finds herself back in the argument with Sara.  AND WE’RE IN A TIME LOOP!!!

Zari is the only one that knows for certain that they are in a time loop.  For simplicity, I’m not going to go through everything that happens in each of the loops.  There are a lot of loops.  Here’s what you need to know.   Early on, she’s able to get Nate to help her.  Before the loop happens, he instructs her to just tell him “Groundhog’s Day,” and this will immediately signal to future hims what is going on.  So, this happens, and they start investigating for the cause of the explosion.

They investigate Mick, but find that the only thing secretive he is doing is writing a sci-fi romance novel. The find that Ray is clean, and eventually enlist his help during one of the loops to investigate Sara.  All she is doing is sneaking off to the jump ship to have a private conversation with Ava.  Zari is becoming frustrated, so Nate suggests that she takes a loop or two, which is lasting exactly an hour, to have some fun.  So then, we get the goofy montage.  But, this is all still wearing on Zari, so Nate suggests that maybe she should try bringing in the rest of the crew to investigate.

Much to Zari’s surprise, Sara believes her, and gets the rest of the crew involved.  Zari tells everyone where she has searched, and discovers that the only remaining place is the trash compactor.  In the compactor, they find Gary, from the Time Bureau.  Mick immediately snatches a device out of his hand and breaks it.  Unfortunately, Gary was the one causing the time loops with that device.  So now, the ship is going to explode and they still don’t know why.  Now, you may be asking yourself, if Gary was controlling the time loops, why was Zari the only one aware of the fact that they were experiencing a time loop?  And that’s an excellent question.  It’s one I had myself.  Well, the answer is coming up, and it is a clue as to what is going on.

With a few minutes to spare, they realize that the bomb was in an 8-track tape that they had brought on board.  Although, knowing this doesn’t really help, as they can’t diffuse the bomb.  Zari is going to try to sacrifice herself to save everyone else.  As the bomb is about to blow, Zari finds herself back alone on the bridge.  Gideon shows up, and informs Zari that the blue goo at the beginning severely injured her.  Gideon took Zari’s mind, and put it in the predictive algorithm that Zari had installed earlier.  Gideon knew that Zari would be needed to fight Mallus, so she had to find a way to convince Zari that she wanted to be a part of the team.  The time loop, leading to Zari’s sacrifice, was Gideon’s way of doing that.

Once Zari comes to, she spreads advice to the team based on what she had learned in the time loop.  Even though it was a creation of Gideon’s, even though she denies that this happened, Gideon knows what is going on with the crew, and used that in the time loop.  This bit of information also includes the fact that Ray was given instructions to kill Sara if Mallus were to take full control.  To which, Sara agrees, and Ray is going to need a lot of help to do it.

So, in the grand scheme of we haven’t really gone that far from where we started, but this was a nice character building episode.  Zari is committed to the team now, though to be honest, it never really seemed like she wasn’t seriously a part of the team.  And it doesn’t seem like a big deal that Sara knows that Ray was given instructions to kill her if need be.  Probably because those are the instructions Sara would have given herself.

Here are my thoughts while watching this episode.

  • Zari is trying to quickly upgrade Gideon’s neural core as the team comes in, decked out in disco outfits.  And Gideon is fried.  Zari is trying to fix her time.
  • Zari got drenched in some glowing goo, and then there was an explosion, and now she’s back to getting lectured by Sara.
  • Zari asks around seeing if anyone else is experiencing deja vu.
  • Zari back to fixing the ship, and explosion.
  • Zari gets injured by Sara, given a mild sedative, and boom, back at being lectured.
  • Zari tries to convince everyone, and gets taken to medbay where we get several Ray theories on what is happening.
  • She finds Nate, who tells her about Groundhog Day, and Nate tells her to find him and mention this if it happens.
  • Nate and Zari are trying to work out how to save the ship, since it seems like the explosion comes from inside the ship.
  • Ha, Amaya and Nate are going to do it one last time before erasing the memory of their love, and Zari hears Amaya call forth a tiger.
  • Mick has a bear trap in his room.  And electrified safe.  I love time loops.
  • Ha, Mick is writing a sci-fi romance novel.
  • Oh, of course.  Ray is trying to keep Sara calm because of Mallus.
  • This is a sweet heart to heart between Sara and Ava.
  • Of course  If you know you’re going to blow up every hour, why not take a couple times off.  Learn the violin, read Mick’s story.
  • And now Zari is at her most desperate.  Sara sees this, and gets everyone working on this.
  • They find Gary from the Time Bureau in the trash compactor.  He’s been causing the time loop, and Mick just destroyed the device.  Wonder why Zari was the only one remembering the looping.
  • The bomb was in a damn 8-track tape.
  • Ha, Gideon was teaching Zari a lesson.  Awesome.  So, Zari did injure herself, and Gideon used Zari’s program to eventually get Zari to eventually be okay with the team.
  • Rip just found Wally West.  Awesome.

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