The Flash – “Subject 9”

The Flash last left off with….ummmm….let’s see.  It was a really long time ago.  Oh yeah, Barry had just gotten himself released from prison, as Ralph had shape shifted to appear as Clifford DeVoe.  Unfortunately, the real DeVoe had also gained all of the abilities by killing all of the known dark matter metas, except Ralph.  So, who’s the next dark matter meta the team is going to run into?  And remember that Cecilia has developed telepathy.  Wonder how that is going. 

Having reached a dead end with the dark matter metas, Ralph gets the idea of searching the bus station lost and found.  Wouldn’t you know it, there was a cd in there, and Vibe vibes her location.  Turns out this meta is a country singer named Izzy Bowen.  Barry and Ralph try to convince her to come, but that fails.  Although, they do see that her power is a sonic based attack.  They gave some explanation for it, to differentiate it from the Canary Cry, but it was ridiculous.  It’s a sonic blast.  Just accept it as that.  They confront her again, this time as Flash and Elongated Man.  She listens to them this time.  But DeVoe also shows up.  However, Izzy easily handles DeVoe with her sonic blast, and DeVoe is saved by The Mechanic, who teleports them away.

Seeing Izzy’s effectiveness gives Barry the idea that she could be effective when battling DeVoe.  He pushes her training, hard.  It’s a very Oliver Queen approach.  It’s not often that we see Barry use someone just as an ends to a mean.  He’s normally more concerned with the person.  Izzy of course gets frustrated, but Ralph talks her into staying.  Harry Wells develops a device that calls back to something Savitar Barry said last season.  So, now Barry is certain that this device is going to work.  In short, it doesn’t.  Izzy goes with Flash and Elongated Man.  DeVoe uses Kilgore’s power to malfunction the device, traps Izzy with some type of barrier, and takes over her body.

Flash Izzy Bowen

While all of this is going on, there was a side story involving Harry and Cecilia.  Cecilia is having trouble sleeping because Joe’s dreams are keeping her awake.  I really found this interesting, and it’s not something we usually see done with telepaths.  Of course they can hear the dreams, also.  Dreams are just thoughts that you’re mind is having that you’re not aware of.  Harry tries to build her something to block out the thoughts, to hilarious results.  He essentially builds her a bulky, 10-pound helmet.  After being shown how cumbersome this thing is, Harry works on something smaller for her.  This also contributed to the cerebral inhibitor that he developed to take on DeVoe.

Unfortunately, I feel like we have a couple more of these episodes ahead before things get going to the end.  There are still 3 unknown dark matter metas out there.  I fully expect all 3 to be revealed.  You don’t say there are 12 of them, if you’re only going to reveal 10.  And I also fully expect each of them to be taken over by DeVoe.  There also seemed to be some fracturing between DeVoe and his wife, but I don’t really see anything playing out with that.  Sure, she was not happy with the body he had ended up with, but at the end, she seemed fine with how things were going now.

Here are my thoughts while watching this episode.

  • Uh oh, some people on the force don’t think DeVoe is alive.
  • The Thinker’s new body is deteriorating faster than before.  I wonder if that’s where Ralph’s ability comes in.
  • Of course the country singer meta has a sonic based power.
  • That’s neat.  Cecilia is hearing Joe’s dreams while he’s sleeping.  Haven’t seen that done by a telepath before.
  • Ah yes, perhaps you should have visited Izzy Bowen as The Flash the first time.  Interesting, Izzy’s sonic blast hurt DeVoe.
  • Oh thank god, they were smart enough to not reveal their identities back at STAR Labs to Izzy.
  • Crap.  And their goes Barry revealing his identity.  Dammit.
  • So, Ralph gets to give the pep talk in this episode.
  • Wonder how long before The Mechanic turns on DeVoe.  DeVoe is not a pleasant individual right now.
  • Using a violin to focus Izzy’s powers?  That’s really campy and awesome.
  • At least they gave Barry a good-ish reason for being as difficult as Oliver Queen when training people.  But since this is The Flash, at least there’s someone there to talk him down.
  • Mind reading is an easy way out for not explaining the technical mumbo jumbo of a device.
  • Oh crap, call back to last season with the Cerebral Inhibitor to take down DeVoe.
  • Well, the inhibitor didn’t work, thanks to Killgore’s powers.
  • And now DeVoe has Izzy’s body and powers.
  • We’re exploring pocket dimensions now?  Oh damn.

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