Black Lightning – “Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder”

Previously, Black Lightning was tracking down the person connected to the Green Light drug, Joey Toledo, who just happens to also be connected to his father’s murder.  Unfortunately, he got one of his debilitating headaches upon finding Joey Toledo.  Anissa was also looking into Papa Pierce’s murder, only she’s looking into the story that he was working on when he died.  Tobias’ sister tracked down there father, and Tobias kills him.  So, will Jefferson’s and Anissa’s paths cross, since they are effectively investigating the same thing?  Will there be any new secrets about Gambi?

The police are mobilizing after a Black Lightning spotting.  Spoiler alert, it was Joey Toledo that called it in.  Henderson questions the Captain on where the tip came from, but the Captain essentially tells him to shut it.  Although, by the time they get to the location, Gambi has picked up Black Lightning.  In later conversations, Jefferson is starting to become suspicious that Gambi is hiding something from him.  Which, he totally is.  But Black Lightning gets into some questionable things himself this episode.  He understands that people with albinism have medical conditions, so he is able to track down one of the doctors that Tobias sees.  The doctor is supposed to call him the next time Tobias is in, so that Black Lightning can kill him.

The whole killing thing is dealt with in a little bit.  But, damn, he is putting this doctor and his family in jeopardy.  That’s some shady business.  Although, it does convey just how much Black Lightning wants to get Tobias.  Here’s a man that generally cares about people and wants to help them, but for this, he doesn’t care who he is endangering.  That’s a powerful statement about the level of hatred.  Sure, we know that Tobias killed his father, but to be indifferent to the safety of others is taking things a step further.

While all of this is going on, Anissa is continuing her investigation.  She has her mom run some tests on the powdery substance that she found in the storage unit.  Seriously, who was paying for that thing?  That’s the unanswered question that I want answered.  On her college campus, there’s been a protest over what appears to be a Confederate statue.  After someone is killed near it, she decides to just use her powers to destroy the thing.  Afterwards, emotionally distraught, she calls Lynn, and needs to see her.

Black Lightning has been informed by the doctor that Tobias is on his way.  Gambi has tried to talk him out of cold blooded murder, but had no effect.  Lynn is trying, but is also failing.  That is until someone breaks into her lab.  Earlier, a lab assistant had caught Lynn comparing a brain scan of Black Lightning to someone on Green Light, and found they were pretty similar.  I assume it’s connected.  Shortly after this, Thunder walks in and takes out the bad guys.  And then Black Lightning comes in, and see Thunder standing over Lynn, and they fight.  Because of course they fight. I mean come on.  Is Black Lightning supposed to inquire first about who this person he’s never seen before is?  That’s preposterous.  Crazy talk.  A hero not jumping to conclusions and punching first, then asking questions.  pfft.  Anyways, Anissa ends up with a concussion, but when she comes to, Jefferson reveals that he is Black Lightning.  That should be fun next episode.

Black Lightning fighting Thunder

There’s also some more stuff with Khalil.  He blames Jennifer for what happened.  Had he kept his head down, focused on sports and school, then she would not have convinced him to participate in the march, and he would not have been shot.  He’s shown later on riding with Tobias, who has promised him that he is going to walk again.  There was also one more bit of info with Gambi.  He apparently trained Lady Eve (Evelyn), who was also in whatever agency with him.  And apparently, the Pierces were supposed to be off limits.  No idea what this means.  I don’t even want to speculate.

I always find the debate about whether or not a hero should kill interesting.  Here we have Tobias Whale, who is a despicable human being.  We have Black Lightning, who is a fairly decent human being.  Does good for the community.  It would be better for the community if Black Lightning were to kill Tobias.  If Tobias were to die while in the middle of a fight with Black Lightning, would we judge him differently than if Black Lightning were to be the one taking the fight to Tobias?  Does the instigator matter?  The argument is always that killing will change you.  But we very rarely are given the opportunity to actually see this in a story.  With DC Comics event Dark Nights, we’re given some glimpses into what could happen to Batman should he cross that line, but in past shows, the consequence is never really that dire.  Oliver Queen in Arrow killed for two seasons, and he’s fine.  Mostly.  It’s just one of those things where creators try to use an accepted thought, but I would like to see them push against that cliche.  Play with it some.

Here are my thoughts while watching this episode.

  • Well, the police are certainly gearing up for something.  Oh, there was a Black Lightning sighting.  Oh, this is right after last week’s episode.
  • Gambi retrieves him.
  • Ah, Joey Toledo is the one that tipped the police to Black Lightning.
  • Must have misheard last week.  They’re saying Tobias is the one that killed Papa Pierce.
  • Confederate statue protest?  I’m kind of surprised it took this long.  Wonder how long before Anissa just takes it out.
  • Green Light addicts have the same brain scan as Jefferson.  That’s peculiar.  But someone saw Lynn comparing the scans.
  • Looks like Gambi fixed the suit.  We’ll see if the headaches are gone.
  • Jefferson finally picks up that Gambi is hiding something regarding Tobias.
  • Gambi pleading with Lynn to talk Jefferson out of killing Tobias.
  • Anissa makes an interesting observation that Lynn didn’t like being 2nd to Jefferson saving the world.  And I suspect that Lynn suspects that Anissa has developed powers.
  • So Black Lightning is going to interrogate Tobias’ doctors?  Well, forcing doctor to do something risky.
  • Oh wow, they went with statue counter-protest and someone driving their car into a group, killing someone.
  • So, Khalil is blaming Jennifer for him getting shot, because he wouldn’t have been at the march if not for her.
  • Ha.  Here comes Thunder, utterly destroying that statue.
  • Ouch, Jefferson watched Tobias kill his father.
  • Seriously, does no one see Black Lightning all lit up on top of the building?
  • Lynn nearly talks Jefferson down, but it’s a break in at her lab that draws him out.  And Thunder just happens to be there.
  • And she figured out how to be bullet proof?  And now we get the Black Lightning/Thunder confrontation.  Because all heroes have to fight each other once.  And now he realizes who it is.  Oops.
  • Gambi taught Lady Eve?!?  What the hell?  Okay, she was part of the agency too?  The Pierces are off limits?  Who exactly is Gambi?
  • And now, the reveal to Anissa.

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