THIS WEEK IN SPIDER-MAN: The Amazing Spider-Man #797: Break the Walls Down

amazing 797

The Amazing Spider-Man #797 was written by Dan Slott with art by Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger, and Marte Gracia.

This issue is a bit time jumpy. We start out in the present where Norman Osborn has someone held captive (we don’t know who yet) in one of his old goblin hideouts and he plans to interrogate this person about Spider-Man. We then cut to four hours ago, in the apartment of one Mary Jane Watson where she & Peter Parker are getting busy…or should I say GETTIN’ BIZZAYY?!


MJ quickly puts the brakes on, though. Because while she loves Peter, she can’t emotionally handle him being Spider-Man. She asks him to go out the window; because explaining why Spider-Man was at her apartment would be easier than explaining why Peter Parker was there.

Meanwhile, Alchemax CEO Liz Allen is once again using the fact that she knows Flash Thompson is Agent Anti-Venom to get him to work for the company, this time telling him to track down the Goblin King and his piece of stolen tritium.

Speaking of Goblin King, he raids one of Osborn’s old hideouts to restock on goblin-related supplies, only…let’s just say he picked the wrong one.


Phil Urich, nephew of Ben, who’s been around for over twenty years in one goblin persona or another, gets ripped to shreds by Norman Osborn and the Carnage symbiote. It was probably extremely painful, but Phil was kind of a jerk.


After that bit of nasty business, Norman begins suiting up in his Green Goblin attire and gloating about how he’s going to destroy Spider-Man. That’s when Norman’s captive starts equally gloating in return about how Norman will never beat Spider-Man, no matter what he throws at him. Of special note, he tosses out one particular piece of information: “You put him through the worst night of his life! Threw his girl off a bridge! And he still fought his way back!”

Funny thing about what happens next…you see, after “One More Day”, Peter Parker went to Dr. Strange, Tony Stark, and Mr. Fantastic and had them cook up a big magic/science hybrid whammy that made everybody in the world (except Peter & Mary Jane) forget that he was Spider-Man. Nobody remembered that he’d publicly unmasked during Civil War. But the people who had known who he was before that…it didn’t erase the knowledge from their heads, it just sort of built a wall around it. People would remember that, at one point, they knew who Spider-Man really was but that information was lost to them. But under the right circumstances, usually Peter revealing his identity on purpose, that wall would come down and all those Parker filled memories would come back, as seen here with the Fantastic 4:


It would also seem that if someone or something jogs your memory about a particularly strong Spider-Man/Peter Parker related experience, the jolt could be just strong enough to knock those walls down. When Osborn’s captive reminds him about the time he threw Peter Parker’s then-girlfriend Gwen Stacy off of a bridge, he stares dumbfounded for a few seconds and then this happens:


Norman Osborn has the Carnage symbiote AND he can use his goblin serum again AND he knows Spider-Man’s secret identity?! Welp, we’re boned. By the way, Osborn’s captive, the one who made this revelation possible:

jonah sad

Just look at the pitiful face. He knows he screwed up.



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