Saturday Morning Cartoons #11

The year was 1943.  The world was at war.  The allied forces were struggling with the Nazi machine.  And then, months before D-Day, the United States sent in one of their very best.  That man was not actually a man, but a duck.  A rather daffy duck.  Yes, Daffy Duck was sent in by Uncle Sam to fight the Nazis and the entire war effort was made better for it.


Being the resident historian of the blog (I have a degree!), I feel it is my duty to take you through one of the missions that Daffy Duck went upon.  But I also should mention those supporting figures whom helped him with his mission.


In a bunker somewhere in Europe, a Nazi vulture receives der telefunken that if a single more Kommando gets past his watch, it will be coitens!


Von Vultur has a problem, but luckily, he has a small bird lackey named Schultz.  Because if you need a German henchman in WWII, chances are his name is going to be Schultz.


Von Vultur is what the Germans would call a ‘dummkopf’, so even though he has a loyal and eager to help sidekick, he hits him over the helmet with a hammer and sends him off on his way.

But as Schultz goes wandering by, you can see something a LITTLE RACY going on sitting in a cartoon.


Animators’ perversion aside, Von Vultur and Schultz head out to the searchlights to see if any Amerikan commandos have dropped in. Low and behold, we find the American hero, Daffy Duck, gingerly lowering to the ground.


Daffy gets the drop on herr kommandoes by yelling at them to PUT OUT THOSE LIGHTS!  Von Vultur defies Daffy’s orders and kommands Schultz to bring forth the spotlights, which gives the birds a lovely shadow show.


Schultz appreciates the act, but Von Vultur will have none of it, so he goes straight at Daffy, who hides behind an asbestos curtain (mesothelioma is NO JOKE) until revealing a horrific face that scares Von Vultur back to his bunker.


As the Kommandant komes back to his senses, Daffy arrives with a present of a American-made ball klock.  Von Vultur, being a jerk of a bird, decides to give the gift to Schultz, who holds onto it when it explodes.


Of course, even though Schultz has been blown sky high, Von Vultur orders him back and prepares to punish him for falling for the klock kaper, until Daffy turns the tables and klocks Von Vultur with own herr mallet!


Von Vultur decides that it is time to catch Daffy, so the chase is on!  Through the trenches they go until they kome upon a telefon büth.  Daffy goes into the büth, and Von Vultur, like a jürk, decides to interrupt.  Daffy tells him off in his native tongue.


Then, after asking for a nickel, he tells him, in English, that the phone is free and that he can now use it.  He also refers to him as ‘Von Limburger’, but that is probably because of a odoriferous occurrence.


Daffy runs off as Von Vultur takes his turn at the telefone.  He realizes he’s been tricked and takes after him, but then the telefon drops back Daffy’s nickel and the two fight over it.  America wins, of kourse.


From there, Daffy jumps into a plane and flies away, managing to get four messerschmitts to fire upon each other.  They fall, and our hero gets away in his plane.


Until, that is, Von Vultur shoots down Daffy’s plane with a machine gun.  Luckily, he’s only flying about five feet above the ground, so he survives the impact.  But our plucky hero is shaken up, so he wanders into what seems like a tunnel, but is ACTUALLY A GIANT CANNON!  Von Vultur, having had enough of Daffy, fires the cannon and thinks that he’s done away with the menace.  But Daffy, the American proud son, makes the best of the situation.


And lands next to a notable figure.


And, with the strength of the Allied forces, he rings the bell of the Führer.


And that’s how America won World War II.

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