Saturday Morning Cartoons #15 : Neogenic Nightmare, Part 2

In the last episode: Wilson Fisk, better known as the Kingpin, broke a bunch of super powered goons out of jail for the express purpose of taking out the ol’ Webhead once and for all. The group becomes known as the Insidious Six which is a totally and completely different thing from the Sinister Six. Unfortunately for our hero, this is right around the same time his spider powers start crapping out on him. After momentarily shorting out a few times, they now seem to have completely shut down. With Spidey not making any public appearances for a while, the Six decide that the best plan is to strong arm Spider-Man’s good buddy Peter Parker into delivering him. When Peter isn’t home, they kidnap Aunt May, leaving a note saying that unless Spider-Man shows up at a certain time and place they’ll whack the old lady. So, powerless Peter puts on his costume and walks straight into what he knows is a trap. And that brings us to…

neogenic 2

Chapter what?! Which one is it? Is this just a chapter in the overall story and it doesn’t matter when I watch it? Well, I’m pretty sure this is the second episode based on the title, so let’s just move forward.

The Insidious Six is holding Aunt May, making her think that she’s at the personal clinic of one Dr. Octavious. The good doctor is caring for her nephew Peter after he was found unconscious in the street. The nurse in the above screenshot? Totally the Chameleon. You can always tell by the belt buckle. Anytime you see somebody with a fancy belt buckle like that, it’s the Chameleon. That counts in real life as well.

Elsewhere, Spidey is putting in a valiant effort to avoid being captured by the Insidious Six, but without his powers he soon finds himself wrapped up tight in Doc Ock’s tentacles with no way out. Just as Octavious mentions that this was a pitiful performance by Spidey and he expected this encounter to be much more challenging, he pulls off his mask to reveal that Spider-Man is actually…PETER PARKER?! The photographer?! No way!


This is a scene directly out of Amazing Spider-Man #12, in which malfunctioning powers cause Spidey to get easily bested & unmasked by Doc Ock but Ock refuses to believe that Parker is actually Spider-Man because he was taken out so easily.


Octavius & the rest of the Six agree to let Aunt May go if Peter promises that he’ll lead them to the real Spider-Man. Not having much choice, he agrees. That’ll be a fun journey. “You guys were so busy searching the world for Spider-Man that you didn’t notice that the real Spider-Man was right here with you all this time. You just needed to believe in yourselves.”

Watching all this play out via video feed is Kingpin. Silvermane calls and tells him that he & the rest of the crime lords are going to kick him out of their club because he still hasn’t put an end to Spider-Man like he promised. Thinking he’s won, Kingpin shares the video feed with Silvermane just as Spider-Man has been captured but is then humiliated when it’s revealed that they’ve only caught Peter Parker pretending to be Spider-Man (or so they believe). Kingpin knows that this failure means the rest of the crime lords are going to enact a plan to take him down, which means he’s going to have to take action against them first. And to do that, he needs a Rhino shaped wrecking ball.

rhino ballrhino

It might not be graceful, but it damn sure gets the job done. The Six launch a full assault against Silvermane, but his pal Hammerhead has showed up to whisk him away from danger. However, if you’ve been looking out for suspicious belt buckles like I told you to earlier, you know something is up.


Kingpin & the Six kidnap Silvermane, but Chameleon stays behind impersonating Silvermane to make his men think he’s gotten away and to cancel any plans for an assault on Kingpin.

Shortly after this, Peter leads the Six to a rooftop at midnight where he claims he has a regularly scheduled meeting with Spider-Man. Using some of Mysterio’s “holo-cubes” he managed to pocket after the earlier fight, he creates a diversion by projecting things like fighter jets & bottomless pits. It doesn’t really work though, and Shocker blasts him in the back and knocks him off the roof. In a moment of remarkable convenience Peter realizes, while plummeting to his death, what the Shocker’s blast didn’t hurt nearly as much as it should’ve so that means maybe his powers are starting to come back.

He puts his mask back on and manages to swing back up to the roof where the Six assume that Peter Parker has managed to escape and Spider-Man has shown up. Hovering over the rooftop, Kingpin has Silvermane hanging out of a helicopter so that he can watch Spider-Man’s defeat. His powers still not working at one hundred percent, he grabs Silvermane and swings down into the building below. Spidey has no idea who Silvermane is, so he thinks he’s just some rich old guy Kingpin kidnapped.

In the building, Spider-Man & Silvermane get confronted by Rhino, but Spidey tells him that he’s actually the Chameleon which Rhino falls for it. He obviously hasn’t caught onto the whole belt buckle thing yet. Spidey stashes Silvermane down a chimney and tries to get away himself before getting caught up in the fight with the Six again. Not really able to do much in terms of offense, he manages to play a strong enough defensive game to cause Kingpin’s helicopter to almost crash, Shocker to fall into a water tank and blow himself up, and Scorpion to melt one of Doc Ock’s tentacles with acid. Ock calls Scorpion a “malodorous bungler” which really hurts his feelings.


That causes those two to go at it, giving Spidey the chance to get away. Thinking they’ve been screwed over by the Kingpin, the Insidious Six all quit in a huff. Kingpin swears to take out Silvermane, Silvermane swears to take out Kingpin. You’d think that guys who think of themselves as “crime lords” could get along better.

After checking in with Aunt May so that she knows he’s okay, Peter goes back to school where he runs into Felicia Hardy and tries to get another date only to find out that she’s now dating noted Eastern European douchebag Michael Morbius. Peter then suits up as Spider-Man and goes to get another exam from Dr. Curt Connors. Connors tells him that the reason his powers have been so unstable lately is because he’s mutating. This greatly concerns Spider-Man because the world hates & fears mutants for no particular reason. I smell an X-Men crossover coming…



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