Sophie’s X-Art

Finding the X-Men and falling in love with their stories and characters was a core part of my childhood.  So when my 10-year-old niece, who is my bestest friend and coolest person in the world starts going down the X-Path, I go CRAZY.  One morning, she texts me this:



It’s not just an X-Men character, but an obscure one!  Alpha Flight’s Snowbird is one of her favorites, it seems.

I gave her my X-Men Encyclopedia so she could learn all the characters and she’s been on cloud nine since.  She also sent me this guy:


Where something Sinister lurks.

So now I want to do something special for her.  If you are reading this right now, please leave a comment of encouragement for her.  We don’t ask anything of the people who come to laugh with us on our Comicdom ventures, but I would like to see this one.  Just leave a comment or a like so I can show her.

THANK YOU.  I’ll get back to making fun of comics tomorrow.


Please comment! We really like them!

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