Vox Machina: Origins #4


Issue #3 ended with the 6 members of Vox Machina – not exactly working together – getting their butts handed to them by a mysterious Sorceress, including Grog getting captured in a Bubble. Issue #4 resolves the fight between her and them, plus the ramifications of the fight.

The issue starts with a recap of the first 3 issues, specifically how the 6 members of Vox Machina ended up first fighting themselves, then fighting the Sorceress. 

It picks up with a white tiger fighting with the Sorceress… who also appears pretty proficient with blades, as she stabs the tig… wait! The tiger was Keyleth!

Keyleth is incapacitated. Enter Tiberius, the Dragonborn Sorcerer. He ties up the Sorceress with arcane bindings, Vex shoots her with arrows… and neither prove effective: the Sorceress touches Tiberius, shocking him unconscious, while Vex’s arrows are shrugged off, basically.


Scanlan is at Grog’s bubble, trying to free him, when he is hit by a big bolt of lightning, knocking him out. That leaves the Twins, who put up a decent fight… until the Sorceress pulls out an acorn. The acorn is stepped on… and the room casts es pitch black. Scanlan, awake now, uses a Wand of Daylight, and reveals a fallen Vax, a Sorceress with a bloody blade, and a horrified Vex. Out of a doorway, the Alchemist appears! The Sorceress, a little ticked, drags the Alchemist to a mirror, and they both go through it, with Vex crashing into the wall.


The Alchemist was used at bait to get to the 6 others… but why?

At this point: the Sorceress has escaped; Vax is gravely wounded; Vex is shaking off the effects of running into a brick wall; Grog is in a bubble; Scanlan is awake; Tiberius is unconscious; and Keyleth is recovering from a stab wound to the back.

Sorceress 7, Vox Machina 0.

After some squabbling between Scanlan (who healed Vax) and Vax, plus some inappropriate comments by Scanlan, the bursting of Grog’s bubble, and the awakening of Tiberius, the group convenes and tries to hash out a plan to find the Sorceress.

It didn’t work.


Scanlan lewdly introduces himself to Keyleth (inconclusive results); Tiberius introduced himself to the Twins (seemed cordial… ish); Scanlan continued his “acquaintance” with Vax (did not go well for Scanlan); and Grog… was Grog.


Ultimately, the Twins disappeared into the shadows, impressing Grog; Keyleth and Tiberius went their own way; and Scanlan and Grog were left to their own devices.

In another part of the world, the Sorceress talks to… someone. They are off-screen, maybe in one of her blades? Anyway, she tells the Voice that The Clasp is under control, licks the blood off of her blade,  and sees Vax in its reflection. Uh oh.

BTW, her name is revealed to be Kelda.

We go to the streets and see Vex and Vax have a pretty heartfelt conversation. Entering a building, Vex is afraid that Vax’s reasons for taking this job is that they will always be “in this” together, even when Vex can’t be there; Vax is afraid to fail. Suddenly, there’s a purple flash, the Sorceress shows up, and snatches Vex through another mirror!


Vax is shown in a cell, being taunted by the Sorceress. In essence, he’s being used as bait: she wants Keyleth, Scanlan, Tiberius, Vex, and Grog, but doesn’t explicitly say why. Vax figures out (too late) that she is using mirrors to get around.

A worried but (for some strange reason) gruff Vex scours the local tavern for help rescuing Vax. She first runs into Keyleth’s group; Keyleth wants to help, Tiberius is silent, the other 2 make lewd comments about help and the costs of it. She next finds Scanlan’s group; Grog doesn’t say much, Scanlan makes a very long, kind of disparaging speech against Vex (and Vax), and the other 2 offer aid from the Church. Vex walked away.

Vex left the tavern… and is greeted by a dog watching her. She recognizes the dog: it’s Keyleth again.


The Druid offers Vex help in finding Vax; after some doubt, Vex accepts the help. The 2 women then run off, as Vex states that Vax left her a trinket just outside of town.

I like how the end of #3 and the first half of #4 sets Kelda as (so far) the Big Baddie, not The Clasp. She fairly easily dispatched of 6 people, including kidnapping a Rogue (Vax). Scanlan’s very sarcastic personality shined – so to speak – in this issue, almost to the point that I wanted to slap him and shout ” Shut up and take their help!!”. I also like seeing the dynamics between Vex and Vax: squabbling siblings but siblings that genuinely care for the other.

This was an enjoyable issue!

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