Deadpool 2 review

Deadpool 2 posterDeadpool was the little movie that could.  No one really expected it to get made.  When it was being made, the question was would the creators be bold enough to do the humor that people expected from a Deadpool movie.  And then Deadpool was released, and it did quite well.  Although my initial review was positive, I got bored with the movie over the course of multiple movies.  Now here we are with Deadpool 2.  How will they follow up the success of the first movie? 

As we are told in the beginning of the movie, Deadpool 2 is a family movie.  Early on, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) tells Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) that she wants to start a family, and that kids give them a chance to be better people than they actually are.  It is with this idea that Deadpool attempts to initially save Firefist (Julian Dennison) at a suspicious rehabilitation home, and then later on from Cable (Josh Brolin).  Cable, being from the future, knows what Firefist will do in the future, so he comes back in time to stop him, because this movie doesn’t stick to the rules of time travel that The Time Machine does, in which it would be impossible to travel back in time to change an event because if you were to succeed, then you would have never had a reason to travel back in time.  But time travel is a completely separate topic.

To stop Cable, Deadpool recruits members to his new team, X-Force.  The notable member of this team is Domino (Zazie Beetz).  She has luck powers, which is something that seems like it would be a pain to show how exactly those work.  However, in the first action sequence she is in, they did a phenomenal job as showing her powers at work.  In this car chase type sequence, everything was just going her way.  Everything that could go right for her did.  And it wasn’t deus ex machina, forget suspension of disbelief, type of thing.  It was just as if everything on the board was a well placed domino, falling over exactly as she needed it to to get through.

Domino and Cable were the bright spots in this movie.  Domino was played with this happy go lucky, carefree attitude that just makes sense for a character who has luck powers. Why should she have any cares in the world.  Things will always work out for her in the end.  Cable, however, is the exact opposite.  As he should be.  Cable is someone that should feel like he is burdened with purpose. I mean, he is a time traveler traveling back in time because something terrible has happened.

Where I think Deadpool fails is again the reliance on snappy zingers.  Yes, it can be funny to see what they are going to mock in the movie, but there is such a thing as too much.  Yes, we all know the “Martha” bit in Batman vs. Superman was stupid.  Yes, we all know that it’s common to make fun of Rob Liefeld’s ability to draw feet.  But, how funny is that sort of thing to be on repeat viewings?  In 10 or 20 years from now, will anyone remember what those one liners are about?  Will sentiment towards those things even be the same?

You may be saying that, well, if you enjoyed it once, doesn’t that make it a good movie.  To that I say, no, it doesn’t.  A good movie should be just as good each time you see it.  The jokes should be just as funny.  The dramatic moments should be just as emotional.  And Deadpool 2 does have really funny moments that will hold up.  The first X-Force mission is wonderful.  The finale has that great mix of heart and awkwardness that I expect to be there each time I watch the movie.  It just seems like the creators got uncomfortable if they weren’t constantly making some off-handed, fourth-wall breaking reference.

In the end, I did enjoy Deadpool 2.  It was fun, but I worry it’ll only be fun during the first viewing.  The need to show how “edgy” they are being hides the actually clever and well thought out moments.  Maybe when we get to the X-Force movies, more attention can be paid to story and moments than “clever” one-liners.

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