Netflix cancels Luke Cage and Iron Fist

In what no doubt is being seen as “a huge blow to the Marvel Cinematic Universe“, Netflix has announced that it has cancelled both Luke Cage and Iron Fist after two seasons on its streaming service.  That cuts the original Netflix arm of the Marvel shows in half, leaving Daredevil and Jessica Jones behind.  All parties concerned had pretty much said that there wouldn’t be another season of Defenders, which had brought all of the shows’ protagonists together.

Perhaps I am not the best person to be talking about this development, as of all of us here at Comicdom Wrecks!, I have seen the least of any of these shows.  I watched the first season of Daredevil, caught a little of Jessica Jones, saw some of Iron Fist, and that’s it.  However, though I am not much for TV binge watching these days, I do try to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s going down, and I listen quite a bit to what my friends and colleagues say about these shows as well as getting the online buzz to these.

With that in mind, I would have to say that if you’re going to cut some costs and allow some of these to go, especially now that you’re not linking them directly together anymore, Luke Cage and Iron Fist would be the ones I’d drop.  As far as the comics go, Luke Cage is used mainly as a supporting player.  If the shows are following their printed counterparts, if they want to keep the character in the shows, he can be a big part of Jessica Jones, which is where the character originally debuted.  And if not, especially if Mike Colter wants to move on to other projects, then simply write him out.  Have him go elsewhere or even send him to jail for a while.

As for Iron Fist, I’m actually surprised this didn’t happen earlier.  Though I enjoyed the little I saw of it, I have heard next to no praise whatsoever for the show’s first season.  It seemed to be the universal opinion that Iron Fist was the very bottom of the entire Marvel live-action line.  Finn Jones work in the title role became a running punchline (pun intended) whenever the show was mentioned.  It was considered the first major misfire of the whole brand.  I had heard the second season was an improvement, but anywhere from where its predecessor had gone was probably moving up.

I’m interested to see whether this is actually the end of these two shows.  When these two characters had their original comic runs back in the 1970’s, there wasn’t enough readership to keep both solo books going, so the two characters were combined into Power Man and Iron Fist, which is what seems to be better remembered.  I wouldn’t put it past Netflix to cut the production costs in half and announce a new show mixing the two with Luke Cage and Iron Fist, or maybe even use the established Heroes for Hire name. If this is the case, then the cancellation of the original two shows would have to be done to get the new one moving forward.

Of course, that’s pure speculation on my part.  If this really is the end of the characters, then it’s not really something I think will be missed.  Even without them, there is still a ton of Marvel television out there (more than I, personally, think is needed) so it’s not like there’s not something fans can enjoy.  Plus, and more importantly, there’s still a ton of Marvel Cinematic stuff coming out.

So long, guys.  Until we meet again.

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  1. Disney and Netflix seem to be on the outside at the moment. Cancelling shows is one sign, Daredevil season 3 receiving very little promotion is another. Opening up my Netflix apps and seeing DD buried, while the second season of Black Lightning is featuref prominently as soon they open, is pretty sad


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