“Chew”: Vol. 1, Chapter 3

“Chew” is the story of former Philadelphia cop, now Federal Agent, Tony Chu, as he fights crime with his unique gift. In Chapter 1, he broke up an illegal Black Market Poultry ring; in Chapter 2, he didn’t stop Evan Pepper but did stop a restaurant from selling illegal meat.

In Chapter 3, Tony finds out the identity of the mystery woman from Chapter 2, which might or might not be a good thing.

3-1 Bed

The love-sick dude in the chair is Tony Chu, Federal Agent and noted Chibopath – he gets psychic visions from whatever he eats. 

Chapter 3 is a flashback, told by Tony to the figure in the bed, his former partner on the Philly police force, John. The story starts with a guy getting on a bus. He’s flipping through the morning newspaper when suddenly, his eyes get big, he turns a lovely shade of yellow-green, and loses his breakfast. People around him are also getting violently sick. Except for one well-dressed woman, walking down the street.

3-2 Mintz

Amelia Mintz, Food Reviewer extraordinaire.

Amelia Mintz, “Saboscrivner”: her reviews are so accurate, so vivid, her readers get the actual sensation of taste when they read her reviews.

Amelia Mintz, the source of people’s illnesses. Instead of reviewing a particular place, she – bored with her job – started reviewing places with a “D” or lower rating. Hence, the extreme number of nausea cases.

A dangerous woman.

Meanwhile, Tony is reviewing a case when Applebee, his boss, begins the daily ritual of harassing Tony; this morning’s topic is the status of Chapter 2’s main subject, Health Inspector Evan Pepper. Applebee ridicules Tony’d lack of progress, while Agent Savoy, Tony’s unofficial “mentor”, and Tony review what they know and what they are missing.

There’s a yell from the background… and Applebee emerges from his office again, covered in puke. He read Amelia’s column (which Savoy predicted) and is not a happy boss.

3-3 Choice

Tony realizes that Amelia is the woman that he fell head-over-heels for; Savoy hands Tony a stack of ALL of Amelia’s previous articles to sift through.

Happy Reading, Tony!

3-2 Tony

Tony continues to gush about Amelia and her work to John, with grumblings about Applebee’s ultimatum sprinkled in for good measure. Swallowing his irritation (no pun intended), Tony headed to an office building, where Amelia works. And a long line was waiting to get into the building.

Tony had a solution.

3-4 Tony

I don’t know if I trust that shifty-looking guy next to Tony. He was lurking around the background, in the line to get to Amelia. I’ll have to keep an eye on him….

Shifty Guy (and Tony) get into the building. Shifty shows off what he wants to show to Amelia: “fruit”. 3 new guys, dressed in mime uniforms(?), demand to see Amelia’s Editor-In-Chief. When  Security refuses, they shoot him!

Tony meets Amelia in person, finally. He asks her out for dinner; she says yes and kisses him. Bliss.


Tony did meet with Amelia. What actually happened afterwards was that Tony stammered and stuttered through a few words that Amelia couldn’t understand. As his heart starts beating harder, they hear the gun shots from the Mines. 

Out front:

3-5 Holdup

If those demands aren’t met, they’ll kill the Editor, then everyone else.

Not on Tony’s watch.

He confronts the leader…. only to get surrounded by the leader’s henchmen. They release the Editor and threaten to capture, kill, or do both to, Tony… until Amelia. walks out. Calmly.

3-6 Amelia

As she walked by, she started reciting a recent review she made. It had the same effect on everyone that a written article would: everyone got violently sick. Except for Tony. Tony fell in love.

The innocents were taken to the hospital. The bad guys were taken to the hospital, then into F.D.A. custody. Applebee was actually impressed and pleased that the Editor was safe, then insisted that Amelia be fired and Tony do the firing. That lead to a heated argument that Savoy had to break up again.

Meanwhile, Amelia, to Tony’s dismay, disappeared (later seen on a plane… with Shifty Guy sitting next to her. Interesting.

Back to the present day. Tony is wrapping up his recap. The guy in the bed is freaked out: Tony had told the story to the wrong person.

3-7 Oops


Tony eventually finds the right hospital room. His former partner asks him if anything new was going on.

3-8 End

The weight of the world is on Tony Chu’s shoulders, seemingly. His boss needs a punch in the face, his partner took a hatchet to the face, he wanted to put his face on his crush’s face, and his crush made vile stuff come out of a lot of people’s faces. 

This story, 3 Chapters in, is still very strange, but it’s also been very compelling. There’s not too much dialogue that bogs down the story mode and the art style is pretty nice. Only 2 Chapters left in Volume 1!



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