Saturday Morning Cartoons #40

Welcome to another installment of Saturday Morning Cartoons, our weekly feature where we go over an episode of a cartoon on Saturday morning.  It’s really a simple concept.  This week, we’re are featuring another episode of Danger Mouse.  This one is titled “The Martian Misfit,” written by Mike Harding and Brian Trueman, directed by Brian Cosgrove.

We open with Baron Silas Greenback planning with Stiletto to steal the Eye of Hercules diamond so that he can use it to drill into the Bank of England.  Now, I’m not expert at drilling into banks, or diamonds for that matter, but I’m fairly certain that that’s not how it works.  I know there are diamond dust drill bits out there, but they all still have one important feature…the drill bit.  You can’t just put a smooth diamond on the end of a shaft and call it a drill bit.

Danger Mouse Martian Misfit Eye of Hercules

Anyways, Stiletto brings up the obvious issue of Danger Mouse, but Greenback has a fool-proof plan this time.  He has invented the Martian mouse exterminator robot.  Now, you may find yourself saying, if Greenback invented it, how is it Martian?  I had that same question.  The answer is that it’s supposed to make people think they are being invaded by a Martian monster.  Which just brings up more questions.  Why would people think this little 5cm (using cm because the show is in London after all) robot is from Mars?  Why does Greenback need the citizens to think anything at all, when the robots purpose is to kill Danger Mouse?  But with those questions in mind, the robot is sent out to do its thing.

Finally, we come to Danger Mouse and Penfold, who is questioning Danger Mouse on the benefits of working out his index finger.  Danger Mouse is struggling to find a good reason, when they are interrupted by Colonel K.  I eagerly await the convoluted way his extremely strong finger saves the day later in the episode.  Colonel K comes on and tells them that they are being invaded from Mars, at least they think it’s from Mars, for some reason.  The Colonel tells them that 10 Downing St. is gone.

Danger Mouse Martian Misfit finger push-up

Danger Mouse and Penfold arrive at 10 Downing St. to find it’s gone.  The Martian mouse exterminator leaves a bomb with them, but they escape.  Next, it takes down the Telecom Tower.  When Danger Mouse and Penfold arrive there, the Martian mouse exterminator continually misses them with laser blasts.  So it seems that the Martian mouse exterminator is great at demolishing buildings, but absolutely sucks at mouse extermination.  Still seems a bit misleading with the name.  Although, I did like them steering into the the ridiculous that it’s called the “Martian” mouse exterminator by having Colonel K say it was probably from Mars because why wouldn’t it be from Mars.

With Danger Mouse occupied, Greenback decides to go into phase 2 of his plan, even though technically, phase 1 was probably to actually kill Danger Mouse, and has not technically been completed.  But I’m certain it’ll all be fine.  Phase 2 is stealing the Eye of Hercules.

So, Danger Mouse and Penfold are chasing the robot around London, when it burrows a hole into and through the side of a building.  I’m going to pause here to let that sink in.  This robot in a matter of seconds, blasted a precision hole through a building.  Do you remember the whole point of this scheme?  What the final goal was?  It was for Greenback to be able to dig into the Bank of England.  Again, I’m not expert on digging or banks, but it seems like this little Martian mouse exterminator, who is not good at exterminating mice, but is really good at demolishing and now burrowing through buildings, could be all Greenback really needed to break into the Bank of England.  But, that’s just my opinion.

Danger Mouse Martian Misfit Martian mouse exterminator

Danger Mouse and Penfold follow the robot inside the hole, where somehow it ends up behind them, and causes an explosion.  They fly out of the hole, with the robot watching them from the outside.  If that made your brain hurt, then welcome to the club.  Danger Mouse and Penfold crash into the zoo, and the robot is immediately behind them.  Again, the robot is exceptionally bad at mouse extermination.

Greenback has successfully stolen the Eye of Hercules, and the drill still leaves more questions.  Before any of them can be answered, the robot, with Danger Mouse and Penfold holding onto it crashes into Greenback’s secret base, and that’s that.  Literally, that’s how Danger Mouse and Penfold capture Greenback and Stiletto this time.  The robot, who was extraordinarily bad at its job, brought Danger Mouse right to them, while also taking out Greenback and Stiletto.

Danger Mouse Martian Misfit Greenback drill

However, is it the robot’s fault?  The robot did not program itself.  The robot didn’t decide on how it was to be used.  The robot was phenomenal at destroying buildings.  Greenback wanted it used to kill Danger Mouse, but never once gave the robot the means to do so.  Greenback never gave proper instructions to carry out the task.  Why else would the robot be so great at demolition, but so utterly terrible at mouse extermination?  Seriously, it had Danger Mouse at point blank range, and had no idea what to do.  Really, it was kind of sad.  So once again, Danger Mouse has saved the through witty quips and the incompetence of his arch nemesis.

One more thing.  I am a little disappointed that the joke about the finger push-up at the beginning of the episode never had a payoff.  Though to be fair, by the end of the episode, I had forgotten about it.  It wasn’t until I went back to get screen captures that I was reminded of the joke, and my hope that there would be some moment when this came into play.  Oh well.  Such is life.



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