Saturday Morning Cartoons #47: Neogenic Nightmare, Part 10

neogenic 10

Welcome back, Spider-Fans! It’s time for the tenth installment of the Neogenic Nightmare series. When we last left our web headed friend, Spidey was teaming up with Blade the Vampire Hunter to take down Living Vampire Michael Morbius. Only thing is, the two of them have very different definitions for what “take down” means. Tracking Morbius is a piece of cake thanks to the fancy vampire-finding compass Blade has mounted on his bike (it’s activated with a big red button), but Spidey kind of already knew where he was going anyway. Morbius, with a sudden change of heart about his vampire situation, has decided not just to embrace his condition but to change everybody else into vampires as well. He’s stolen the neogenic recombinator, which has been the main MacGuffin for this entire season, in order to make that happen. Since Spidey needs daily blasts of energy from the device in order not to mutate into a horrible spider monster again, it’s really important that he gets it back from Morbius.


The thing is, Spidey is already a few steps ahead. He figured Morbius might try to steal the recombinator, so he took the main control chip out of it. The machine Morbius has is a dud without it, so Spidey & Blade head to the one factory in all of NYC that manufactures the kind of chips Morbius needs. Sure enough, they find him there and, also sure enough, Blade tries to kill him again. Spider-Man has to stop him, there’s a big kerfuffle, the cops show up and Morbius gets away with a control chip. Good work, team!  Spidey takes off in a hurry after Morbius, but has to give up after dickety six miles he runs out of web fluid. Then, for some reason, Spidey thinks it would be a good idea to brings in the cops…well, one cop they can trust, to help sort this whole mess out. He kidnaps NYCPD Detective Terry Lee and takes her to Blade’s hideout so that the two of them (plus Whistler) can give her the “Yes, Virginia, vampires are real” speech.


Spidey then heads back to his home in Queens to get some more web fluid cartridges, but finds Morbius rifling through Peter Parker’s things in search of more of the blood sample that turned him into a vampire in the first place. Knowing Morbius isn’t going to find what he’s looking for, he lets Morbius leave because Aunt May happens to be at home taking a nap. She’s seriously just sleeping right through this awful vampire monster ransacking her house.


Morbius goes looking for Parker at the Daily Bugle but doesn’t find him there either. After this, J. Jonah Jameson calls Parker into the office and threatens to fire him for bringing all this nonsense to his door until Peter promises to get a picture of the vampire. It’s around this time that Parker gets the idea that if Morbius is looking for Peter Parker, perhaps taking off the costume for a while and drawing Morbius out would be the best way to catch him.

Out of costume, Peter goes to Blade’s hideout and tells him that Spider-Man clued him into a plan to lure Morbius into a trap using Parker as bait. Blade’s got this fancy tractor beam thingy that only works on vampires, so they load it into the back of a van and plan to get Morbius in front of it by telling him that the blood sample he’s looking for is inside the van. The whole crew heads back to the Parker house in Queens where they rightly suspect Morbius will still be lurking about waiting for Parker to come home. As Peter goes to walk in the front door, Mary Jane walks out and his Spider sense starts going crazy. Knowing that Morbius is closing in and wanting to keep MJ safe, he pretty much has to break up with her and tell her to get lost to make her leave. Peter finds out later this episode that this act drives MJ directly into the arms of Harry Osborn, so sad times for Spidey.


Morbius swoops in and the plan goes off without a hitch until Blade’s tractor beam contraption craps out. As the old Parker luck would have it, Aunt May wanders out front to see what all the racket is and gets grabbed up by Morbius. Peter tells him that the blood smaple he’s looking for is in Peter’s lab locker at ESU, but Morbius flies off with Aunt May as an insurance policy until he’s gotten the sample.

Mad as hell, Spidey suits up and heads back to Blade’s hideout to give him a piece of his mind. He walks in on Blade and Detective Terry Lee locking lips and, give his own very recent relationship troubles, this makes him even more pissed. The two have a bit of a skirmish before mutually declaring that their team-up is over. Sort of a “you can’t stop team with me, I’m gonna stop teaming with you!” situation. Peter stakes out Felicia Hardy’s place and before too long, Morbius shows up to kidnap her so he can turn her into a vampire.

He takes her back to his secret lair (which is now on a boat) and begins explaining the whole process to her. Wouldn’t you know it, Felicia doesn’t want to become a living vampire. She reminds Morbius that the reason he first came to America was to become a brilliant scientist in order to find a cure for a plague that had devastated the small Eastern European village he’d grown up in. Now, thanks to his penchant for draining people of their plasma and nearly killing them, Morbius had become a plague. This gets through to Morbius and makes him change his mind about the whole “turning everybody into vampires” thing and pledge to find a cure for his vampiric condition. Then, Spider-Man & Blade show up and ruin everything.


Not knowing that Morbius has had a change of heart, Spidey & Blade go a-ridin’ into town, a-whoppin’ and a-whumpin’ and accidentally set off the neogenic recombinator. Morbius throws himself in front of the blast to protect Felicia. Since it was set on “turn into vampire bat” mode, the blast turns Morbius into even more of a bat. Spider-Man & Blade try to contain him, but Morbius gets away and flies off into the night. Peter saves Aunt May, Blade tells Terry Lee that they can’t be together since he’s a ramblin’ man, and the whole episode ends with Man-Bat Batman bat monster Morbius hanging upside down in a cave somewhere uttering the now famous phrase: “Goodbye, Felicia.”

bye felicia

That’s it for this episode. Tune in next time, true believers!

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