Saturday Morning Cartoons #61

Welcome to another “fun-filled” installment of our weekly series, Saturday Morning Cartoons.  Here, we take an episode of some cartoon, any cartoon really, and go through what happens, and our thoughts on said happenings.  For this week’s installment, I will be looking at another episode of Danger Mouse, because this show is just so enjoyable.  Mostly, it holds up well, and doesn’t overstay its welcome.  The title of this episode is “Die Laughing.”  I eagerly await the appearance of The Joker.  The guy from Batman, not the protagonist from Persona 5 that just showed up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Watching the intro again, because I do that for every television show I watch even if I’m binge watching something, with how many bombs are in the opening you would expect there to be more bombs in the actual episode.  They really set an expectation that Danger Mouse and Penfold are going to be constantly running from bombs, but that’s really not the case.  I don’t actually remember the last bomb I saw in an episode.  Not complaining, just an observation.

The episode starts in the Soviet Union, yes, this is from the early ’80s, where some high ranking officials get blasted by a laughing gas through a phone.  Similar things happen in Egypt and the U. S. through different devices.  We come to Danger Mouse, whose workout is interrupted by Colonel K.  In what is a great line, K informs him that there is panic abroad, and Danger Mouse replies that that is the best place for it.  Colonel K proceeds to inform him about the laughing gas, that apparently also transforms the victims.  K thinks the Prime Minister is next, so Danger Mouse and Penfold rush off to protect him.

Danger Mouse Die Laughing Top Secret Vault
The sign is to remind people in the room that this is a top secret vault.

They arrive at the PM’s top secret hideout to find Stiletto blasting a gas through the vents.  They try to ram Stiletto’s vehicle, but it literally hops out of the way, causing Danger’s car to go plummeting down a deep, deep hole.  But it’s all okay, at the bottom, he’s somehow able to pull up and land the car on it’s tires and keep going.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not quite certain that that is how physics work.  But whatever.

Danger Mouse Die Laughing Car Falling

Danger decides to just follow the tunnel back to where Stiletto came from.  They come to a fork in the tunnel, but as luck would have it, run into agent 57, that tells them where to go.  They get to the end of the tunnel and are greeted by a large sign that tells them to beware of the jack in a box.  Right as they realize it’s a trap, a giant spring launches them to Nelson’s column.  But wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly where Baron Greenback is hiding.  Now, I’m not want to normally tell someone how to do their job, but I would think a giant sprint at the end of a tunnel, that launches your adversary to the base of your current base isn’t much of a trap.  In fact, it seems like the opposite of a trap.  Maybe subconsciously, Greenback is lonely with those around him, and longs for the consistency of Danger Mouse foiling his plans and locking him up.

Danger Mouse Die Laughing Trap

Baron spots Danger Mouse driving up the side of the column, and prepares a trap for him.  As him and Penfold are about to enter the statue, he’s stopped by a bird cop who stops him for being illegally parked.  Penfold has gone on, and is about to be blasted by the laughing gas when Danger Mouse saves him.  Instead, Stiletto and his partner blast each other.  With a karate chop, Danger Mouse breaks the gas distribution machine.  Danger Mouse tries to stop Greenback from rocketing away, but is only able to grab his coat.

Danger Mouse Die Laughing Bird Cop

And that is that.  Another one of Baron Greenback’s dastardly plans foiled by Danger Mouse.  However, in the wrap up, there’s no word on if there was any type of antidote to reverse the effects of the laughing gas.  I’m just going to assume the world leaders tragically died, which probably led to war and the deaths of thousands.  Dang Danger Mouse, you depressing.  But anyways, be back next week for another installment of Saturday Morning Cartoons.


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