Saturday Morning Cartoons #67

Welcome to another installment of our weekly feature, Saturday Morning Cartoons.  In this week’s installment, we return to a favorite of mine, Danger Mouse.  This episode is titled “The World of Machines.”  I find myself returning to this show so often not just because the episodes are short and I write this at the last minute, but also because the writing of this show usually holds up fairly well.  The jokes were initially written with a wink and a nod, rather than an elbow to your ribs trying to convince you that this is funny.  Anyways, this episode of Danger Mouse was written by Mike Harding and Brian Trueman, and directed by Brian Cosgrove.

Baron Greenback’s latest dire, dastardly plan includes trapping Danger Mouse in his most recent contraption, an intergalactic traveling machine.  I’m doubting he’s created this device just so Danger Mouse can solve the mysteries of Space.  Meanwhile, Danger Mouse is looking for Penfold, when Colonel K comes in with the news that he just received a ransom note from Baron Greenback regarding Penfold.  The instructions say for Danger Mouse to open the box on the table, so he turns around to find a box from Baron that hadn’t previously been there.

Danger Mouse The Wolrd of Machines mystery box

Now, I’m going to pause here for a minute.  Someone was able to sneak into Danger Mouse’s HQ without setting off any alarms, while carrying a decent sized box, and sneak out again, all the while Danger Mouse and Colonel K were talking right in front of them.  I’m no secret agent, but if your aim is to get rid of Danger Mouse, and you have the ability to sneak into his headquarters undetected, why not just assassinate him?  Why continue to place these games?

Danger Mouse opens the box, and out comes a clown device with the message to follow the arrows.  So, Danger Mouse takes off following big, red arrows that are all over London that lead him to the deepest, darkest, dampest, dingiest, dreadful drain.  Danger Mouse goes into the drain, until he finds Penfold tied up in the Intergalactic machine.  Baron traps him in there, and sends both of them off into deep space.  Eventually, they crash into a planet.  As they begin to explore, the intergalactic machine leaves without them.

Danger Mouse The Wolrd of Machines arrow to drain

As Danger and Penfold explore the planet, they come across a flying WWI sewing machine, that leads them to a bunch of other antique machines that are all sentient.  Baron sees this, somehow, and decides that he actually wants to use these machines to take over the world.  Meanwhile, the machines have started to attack Danger and Penfold.

Danger Mouse The Wolrd of Machines

Danger and Penfold are captured, and the machines tell them that they had left Earth years ago, because they were tired of being controlled by the humans and unable to talk.  Now, they were going to eliminate Danger and Penfold.  Then, as luck would have, Baron Greenback shows up to declare himself king of all of the machines.  While Baron is arguing with the machines, Danger and Penfold sneak into the intergalactic traveling machine and return to Earth.  Greenback is left on the world of the machines, getting shot with oil.  Never to be heard from again.

Danger Mouse The Wolrd of Machines Baron Silas Greenback

Actually, I’m guessing that in the next episode, he’s just going to reappear as if nothing had happened, and all will be well in the world.  But again, the Baron is thwarted by his own hubris.  Had he just been able to leave things well enough alone.  His plan had worked.  Danger Mouse was gone, with no means of returning.  Baron Greenback was free to executed his plan, but no, he had to go to the world of machines and declare himself king.  Although maybe, just maybe, his plan worked to well, and subconsciously, he knew that he didn’t really want Danger Mouse gone.  Which is also why he had someone drop off a box in Danger Mouse’s headquarters, rather than offing him.  Time will tell.


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