DC Announces New Horror Comic Line

I love Horror Stories. I love Halloween. I am building up a fandom of comic books. Starting on Halloween week, all 3 will come together.

DC announced that Hill House Comics, led by famed author Joe Hill (son of also-famed author, Stephen King), will produce 5 limited series for the company. They will make their public debut on October 30th. In addition:

“Each book is also set to come with an additional two pages of a “back-up feature” written by Hill called Sea Dogs. Set during the American Revolution, this supplementary story finds the revolutionary side (USA! USA! USA!) recruiting three patriotic werewolves in a desperate attempt to defeat a British warship.” (quote from SyFy Wire)

Cover Art was also released for the five stories. The stories are:

BASKETFUL OF HEADS #1_5d125e4c095341.89045521

Basketful of Heads – the first series to be released. It follows a woman who finds an ax that decapitates its victims in one swing… but leaves the heads alive to speak. Written by Joe Hill, illustrated by Leomacs. That ax would make an excellent weapon in DnD….

DAPHNE BYRNE #1_5d125e48bac962.32631170

Daphne Byrne – a girl in the 1800’s discovers that an evil being is in her body. Written by Laura Marks, illustrated by Kelley Jones. This feels like it could become a TV mini-series.


THE DOLLHOUSE FAMILY #1_5d125e4734cbc0.65921179

The Dollhouse Family – a girl named Alice continues to be haunted by revisit a doll family that live in her childhood doll house. WHY?!? Written by Mike Carey, Illustrated by Peter Gross.


THE LOW LOW WOODS #1_5d125e468ae2f4.86908220

The Low, Low Woods – in a story that feels ripe for the big screen, SyFy Wire describes the series as: “a Pennsylvania mining town grapples with a strange plague that feasts on memories.” Interesting! Written by Carmen Maria Machado, Illustrated by Dani


PLUNGE #1_5d125e43e12451.24971623

Plunge – a research vessel shows up in the Arctic… 40 years after it disappeared. This might be Hill’s nod to H.P. Lovecraft… which sounds wonderful and potentially terrifying, at the same time! Written by Joe Hill but no Illustrator has been announced yet.

“At Hill House Comics, we aim to shock the senses and soak the page in red, with new, hooky horror from seasoned old hands and young masters of the field, all set free to share their most disturbing nightmares…for your pleasure!” added Hill. “The books are backed by DC’s second-to-none comic book craftsmanship, and we’re working with the very best editors on parole from Arkham Asylum to craft unputdownable tales of menace and madness. I can’t wait to share some fresh scares with comic book readers everywhere. It’s going to be fun.”

This seems like a good way to start the end of 2019: horror comics and Halloween week! We will keep you abreast of any updates and further news about this new DC venture.


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