The Justice/Doom War has begun

Justice League 30Ever since the events of Justice League: No Justice, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Jorge Jimenez have been guiding the Justice League and the Legion of Doom on a path to war.  Each side has been gather forces, both physical and metaphysical, we’ve taken trips out to the Source Wall, old foes have returned, casualties have been dealt, and a little guy named Jarro is staking a claim to being Batman’s best sidekick.  With Justice League #30, war is here.  Pretty much.

First off, I want to say that if you haven’t been reading Justice League, but are interested in this war, you’ll probably be fine.  Early in this issue, Starman (did I mention that Starman showed up?) essentially runs through all of the pertinent information for the benefit of all of the newly deputized Justice Leaguers.  So even if you haven’t read the previous 29 issues, you could jump into it now.  Sure, you may have missed the first few courses, but there are still things to enjoy.  And because I want you to enjoy it for yourself, I am going to stay away from any specific spoilers.

If you come into this issue that advertises the war beginning, and expect lots of action, you may be disappointed.  Yes, the first few pages look like the war is happening, but it is quickly apparent that things aren’t quite what they seem.  We then go into Starman’s description of everything that has happened and why.  During this, there are a couple moments I want to highlight.

Justice League 30 - Jarro 1Frequently, when a different font/color/balloon is used to attempt to describe a character’s voice, it doesn’t add much to the comic.  At the worst of times, it makes the book difficult to read.  Since his introduction, Jarro has been one of those characters with a unique word balloon.  Up until this point, it hasn’t really meant much.  I mean, how should anyone know what squiggly fuchsia is supposed to sound like?  But in this issue, twice that unique word balloon is used to create a humorous situation.  As Starman is giving his speech, Jarro chimes in twice with a quick-witted comment.  The panel doesn’t actually show Jarro, so it creates this sense that he’s just yelling this out from some background location.  It’s a gag that would not have been possible if he had not been given a unique word balloon.Justice League 30 - Jarro 2

There was also a great moment of symmetry.  Well, I guess technically it’s two moments that combine for the symmetry.  There are two group shots, one of the Justice League and one of the Legion of Doom, that are mirror images of each other.  It’s not a big thing, but one of those subtle moments that play into the general theme of balance going on within the book.  Here it is good versus evil.  Later on it is past and future.  Two sides of everything.

Overall, I continue to like where this book is heading.  The stakes have been rising since the launch, and it is time for the payoff, but not before a couple more surprises.  If you haven’t been reading up to this point and long for something viewing superheroes and super-villains in a fantastical sense, issue 30 is a good jumping on point.

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