Saturday Morning Cartoon #85

This is Week 2 of my Test for Saturday Morning Cartoon (SMC) posts. The list of potential reviews is above, ordered at 1:35 PM on Tuesday. I had a co-worker, Kate, pick a number from 1 to 7; she picked 7.

So on Saturday, I will write the follow-up to this review: Episode 2, entitled “Aftershock”. Stay tuned!

Episode 2 begins with a news report that recapped the beginning of Episode 1: ‘Static’ leaving criminals stuck to the ceiling of a warehouse for the police. Virgil (“Static”) and [friend?] are watching, where Virgil disagrees with the term “mutant” (regarding his powers) and coined the term “Metahuman”.
Side note: I had no clue that Static might have been the first to use that phrase.
Anyway, the news also showed the fallout of the explosion from Episode 1 that left “hundreds” in not-too-good shape. Rather than finishing the story, Virgil wanders into a music store, fooling around with his powers and CDs. Their friend, Frida, is also there; she finds them and points out a kid in the corner, clearly in distress. That distress escalates:

Well, that escalated quickly…!

“Purple Wolf” – not his official name – rampages through the store, chasing Virgil and friends outside. It then rampages outside, throwing trash cans and doing other monster-type destruction. Virgil, while fleeing, runs into his old pal.

The newly fire-powered Francis.

Francis threatens Virgil but only for a moment. Instead, he heads off and confronts Purple Wolf! A well-placed fireball to the chest and Purple Wolf runs off. Yay…?

Francis then turns his attention back to Virgil and friends, who are seeing his powers for the first time. Francis, now named “Hot Streak”, confirmed his new “Bang Baby” status (‘Bang Babies’ are those who survived the explosion and now have new powers) by lobbing mini fireballs at Virgil. After chasing Virgil down an alley and seemingly eliminating him with a fire wave, he returned to torment Frida and [friend?]… until ‘Static’ shows up. Fight!!

Many fireballs and fire blasts were countered by agile flying and gravity-controlled metal objects. Just when it seemed like Static had the upper hand, Hot Streak used fire propulsion to fly (think ‘Heat Wave’ from the CW DC shows). Static lost control (somehow) of his flying and crashed into a park, while Frida runs over to a pay phone. Hot Streak lands by Static and is about to finish him off, when firefighters show up and douse him with water and foam, putting out his fire and likely saving Virgil/Static’s life. While grateful to be alive, Virgil is despondent that he “choked” under pressure. Back at home, Virgil’s father isn’t helping his mood by proclaiming “Bang Babies” bad, including Static, who he heard “got beat, bad” earlier. He also warns of Bang Babies further mutating into monsters. Only his sister seemed to have any hope in Static.

At school, Virgil compare blood samples, to ease Virgil’s mind.

They match.

Not sure if that means Static’s blood is normal… or Richie’s is abnormal. Nevertheless, Virgil also goes to the Medical Clinic, where those tests also come out ‘clean’, to Virgil’s relief and the doctor’s confused relief.

The next scene is City Hall. The Mayor and City Council were having a meeting about Budget Appropriations when Virgil’s dad steps to the podium. He demands actions against the Bang Babies and answers as to why the Police still have the remnants of the gas tanks that exploded but can’t trace the owners. The Mayor assures him, and the townspeople that are in the Chamber, that she will give everyone answers once she gets them herself. “Sounds like a cover-up” is the thought from Richie and Virgil, in the back of the Chamber.

We then go to a pond in the middle of a park, late at night. Mayor Hawkins is there, feeding ducks. A tall, older guy walks up; he is Edwin Alva, a local millionaire. Spying on them, via a trash can lid and “maaaagic”, is Virgil and Richie. They low-key threaten each other before Alva drives off. Virgil, as Static, gives chase.

Ala calls “York” and orders him to erase “all of the hard drives containing our mutagen formula and shipping records” but “save everything on disks” – Alva plans on starting up whatever he’s doing again.

We seemingly have our gas tank owner(s).

Static infiltrates Alva HQ and sees a guy erasing the drives. Static gets the disks from the guy but his mouth gets him into a predicament: the guy brings out a laser… gun? Box?… and pins Static down with blasts, ultimately trapping him in some kind of tube. Gas is released into the tube; Static’s powers don’t work on the tube… but they do work inside the tube. The combination of gas, pressure, and building electricity blasts open the containing tube and Static escapes… right as Alva pulls into the parking lot.


In the hospital, Hot Streak is forced to take some medicine by a doctor… only for him to spit the now-burning pills out, when the doctor leaves. He walks out of his room.

On the street, Virgil and Richie are discussing the disks and the previous night’s happenings, when an explosion happens in the same park that Static lost to Hot Streak in. Guess who’s back there now, destroying everything in sight:

Virgil changes into Static and, via a pep talk from Richie, flies off to confront Hot Streak. Round 2…. FIGHT!!

Again, Hot Streak’s firepower (get it? Fire power?!? Yuck yuck!!) is too much for Static, as he is knocked out of the air. But this time, there’s a difference – Static’s anger builds and he, for lack of a better term, levels up: his powers intensify, his eyes start sparking, and electricity starts swirling in and around him!

“I’ve done had enough of this!”

Anything that was metal or steel, and wasn’t building-sized, became a projectile thrown at Hot Streak: street signs, garbage cans, random tools, even vehicles. Hot Streak did his best to ward off the attacks but too much junk was flying at him – and hitting him – so he fled into a clearing.

Hot Steak ‘lured’ Static into that clearing because there was no metal around for Static to use.

Static reminded him that they were in a city and plenty of metal was around… “even if you couldn’t see it”. Static electromagnetically pulled a sewer line from the ground and blasted raw sewage onto Hot Streak, stunning him and winning Round 2.

Back at home, Virgil lectures Richie about his “Pyrrhic Victory”: he beat Hot Streak but all of the evidence disks from Alva HQ were burned up in the battle. The phone rings; it’s Dr. Harris, the guy that examined him earlier. Other than high electrolytes, all still is clear with Virgil. Well, as normal as someone can be, if they have control over electricity, magnetism, and gravity. 😉

This was a good follow-up to the pilot. Static is still dealing with his new skill set, the town is dealing the new “Bang Babies”, you now have a one-on-one archenemy for Static, and it seems like the town has an overarching villain in Edwin Alva. A good foundation for what (for me) is turning into a pretty good cartoon series! Good episode!

For my next SMC post, these are some of the possible episodes; I’ll add more and order the list in the next few days, take a picture of the list, then ask someone (TBD) to pick a number:

– The Legend of Zelda: Pilot: “The Ringer”
– Batman Beyond: Pilot
– Teen Titans: Pilot: “Divide & Conquer”
– Spider-Man (1994) S1, E7: “Kraven The Hunter”

Please comment! We really like them!

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