Wherefore art thou, Thunderbird?

The X-Men are cycling into stories of the resurrection protocols of their society, which has got a lot of interesting fuel potentially to put upon said fire. Reasonings, logic, spirituality all factor in, let alone the matter of simply picking out which of your favorite massacred muties are going to pop up in the background art.

But they have taken steps into dealing with deaths that took place substantial times ago, as was presented by Synch (from Generation X) having trouble fitting in since he was still a teenager whilst his teammates had aged while he was all dead and stuff. It’s an interesting aspect to put on something that has been taken for granted for so long in comics, but treating it now as if something of a processing line.

But then I started thinking about other mutants who have died over the years. The original Pyro is back in Marauders. But with him I thought about Stonewall or Super Sabre from the old Freedom Force. Who would want them back? And what would you do with them?

And then I thought about him. The one X-Man who DIED. And no, not the Changeling, though I guess we have an argument for finally getting Morph from the 90’s X-Men comics in our world proper.

No, I’m talking about John Frickin’ Proudstar. Half man. Half mutant. Half eagle. Half buffalo. Half of anything else you really want to put out to say that he was a early X-Man. AN ORIGINAL-ISH. And not only did he serve for the cause, he DIED for it. And to everyone’s credit, he has never EVER been resurrected and re established as a character. Probably because his brother, Warpath is just like him.

But, I mean there it is. It’s Thunderbird. He’s been out of action since the X-Men were flying the “Strato Jet” to a government volcano base. What do you do? Does he finally get that THIRD X-Men mission we’ve all been DYING for him to be on?


  1. The thing about Thunderbird is that he was a hardcase who didn’t get along with others and didn’t respect authority. Can you imagine? How could someone like that even function amongst the X-Men? What if he had been around long enough for Cyclops to give him an order he didn’t like? I’m sorry but there are some things you just don’t do in comics


    • A character like that would NEVER get over, true enough. But I know why he was done away with. My question is why isn’t he back?


  2. I’m curious if anyone will finally resurrect him now with the Hickman error. Though I don’t know how that would go as far as memories are concerned. You’d figure he and Changeling would have first priority for dying for the cause. They could finally give the 616 universe an actual Morph.


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